Hammam Pumice - a natural way to smooth feet

Hammam Pumice
Hammam Pumice

Each of us dreams of smooth feet, and as you know, the skin on our feet quickly becomes calloused. This is due to the fact that our feet are especially in the winter in the shoes all the time and are tightly wrapped in socks. It is not surprising, however, because probably none of us is crazy enough to walk in the winter with bare feet 😉 In today's post I will explain what pumice hammam is and how to use it.

What exactly is pumice hammam and what is it made of?

When I showed on our profile on Instagram @dpblogpl pumice hammam, at the beginning I asked what it could be. Comments appeared that it was a stamp or a stamp for cookies. And this is not a stamp, but a natural foot pumice stone that I got at E.Leclerc.
I will not say that it was not a product that landed in my basket out of curiosity. An additional advantage is the low price - I paid not all 3 PLN for my pumice stone. Pumice stone is made of red clay, which is rich in zinc, magnesium, selenium and iron. This is 100% natural product that will delight you from the first use.

How to use pumice hammam

The use of this pumice stone is very simple. It's best to soak your feet before using it, and then use a circular motion to tear the dead skin off your feet until you get the desired effect. And the effect is really great. I can even say that this pumice stone for a few zlotys is better than Scholl foot filewhose price is much higher.

Pumice output hammam

Pumice stone is very efficient. At first I thought it would wear off quickly, fortunately it didn't happen. I apply pumice stone once a week, and then lubricate my feet with Rossmann softening cream (which I highly recommend, because it's one of the best foot creams I've used). After this treatment my feet are perfectly soft and smooth.
With a clear conscience I can say that this pumice surprised me. I didn't expect miracles after him, and I'm surprised what I told Piotr after the first use. Such a simple and cheap product, and so much joy in using it and effects.

Get your feet ready for the summer!

The season of outdoor shoes is fast approaching. It is worth taking care of your feet today to enjoy their beautiful appearance in spring and summer.

Lirene "Stop keratosis" cream, which has as much as 30% urea, can be very helpful in care.

The product is great not only for the typical use of foot moisturizing, but also as a care mask.

After soaking your feet, as well as removing dead skin by e.g. Scholl foot file or foot scrub it is worth applying a thick layer of Lirene cream, which can be left to absorb or lubricate a thick layer of the cosmetic, put on socks and wake up with perfectly smooth feet;)

Warning! After applying the cream to the feet, it is necessary to wash your hands. Such a large amount of urea will not have a beneficial effect on our delicate hands.

The cream should be used regularly every 2-3 on days, depending on the degree of foot damage (a layer of hard skin).

The smell of the cosmetic is specific and may not suit everyone, but this product is really noteworthy. Considering the effects that can be obtained with regular use, it is worth considering whether the smell can be an opponent here.

The cream is available in every Rossmann, its price is not high in comparison with quite high efficiency.

Unfortunately, I didn't use other versions of this cream, this version meets my expectations, that's why I'm not looking for another product.