Google Analytcis for green part 2 - statistics

Once we have Google Analytics configured with our blog, it is worth finding out what statistics to look for, which to send to the principals and potential companies with whom we want to cooperate.
Today, a bit about the statistics themselves, and in the next part of Blogger's Guide I would like to talk a bit more about how to read statistics and how to improve some of them.
google analytcis stats
Recently, I got a lot of questions about Analytics, so I will repeat again - everything that concerns Google Analytics and will appear on our blog is FREE.
When we log in to Google Analytics, we go to the "Recipients" tab. These are the statistics that interest us the most. They show how many page views a given month, week, day had a blog, as well as how many pages readers viewed on average. In the statistics you can also find the number of Users who were previously called Unique Users (or uu).
google analytics statistics dpblog October 2015
We also have bounce rate here. The lower the better. Unfortunately, blogs often have this ratio high, because people who usually search for specific information enter blogs.

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Another important point is the average session duration. This statistic shows how much time users spend on your blog on average. Of course, the higher the average session duration, the better.

What statistics should I send to clients?

When we are in the "Recipients" tab at the top right we choose the period of time that interests us. Customers are usually interested in the last month, i.e. the period from the first to the last day of the previous month.
On the graphic I marked the field with a red rectangle. It is these statistics that we send to clients. It's best to do print screen statistics, crop and save the file to your computer.

What statistics from Google Analytics are worth observing?

First of all, the statistics that I described above. This is the absolute minimum that every blogger should know.
The recipients can also find detailed information about demographic data (after clicking on the tab, detailed data such as age and gender are shown), as well as interests.

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By clicking "Mobile Traffic" in the "Recipients" tab you will find out how many people enter your blog via mobile devices. Nowadays, more and more people use the smartphone or tablet to surf the Internet. That's why it's worth having a mobile version of your blog.

And finally a curiosity

On the left is the "Live" tab. These statistics show how many readers are currently on the blog, as well as from which websites they have entered your blog.

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Google Analytics for Greens part 1 - Analytics configuration with a blog

On the occasion first note from the Blogger Guide series, many questions arose about Google Analytics. The fact that Google Analytics is worth having (not only in the case of blogging collaborations, but also to track the statistics of your blog) we already know, but how do you find yourself in all these statistics?
Google Analytics for the Greens

The Google Analytics post is divided into two parts. Today you will find out how to set up an account, what is the tracking code and how to add it in the blogger panel. In the next note I will say a little more about the statistics themselves - what to pay attention to and which to send to the principals.

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Google Analytics is a free tool, and the statistics offered are very accurate and can tell us not only on which day how many Users visited your blog, but also what post was most read.
Blogger statistics are not as accurate. Actually, it's not worth using them at all.
To set up an account and have access to the Google Analytics panel, you must have an account on (but since you have a blog on, we can skip this point). The Google Analytics panel in Polish should also be clear.
The panel may vary slightly depending on whether you have one Google Ads or not.

How to create an account?

Go here and click "create account", then fill in all the fields you will be asked to. Simple right? 🙂

How do you link Google Analytics to a blog?

After registration and going to the Google Analytics panel go to the "Administration" tab at the very top and click on "tracking information", then select 'tracking code'. When you go to the 'tracking code' tab, you'll see your unique tracking ID. For me it looks like this: UA-XXXXXXXX-X (where 'X' are numbers).
tracking code what it is

Copy the tracking ID and enter the blogger panel. Find bookmark "Settings" and click "Other". At the very bottom is the "Google Analytics" field. Paste the tracking ID you copied here. From now on, Google Analytics will collect information about Users on your blog.
how to connect google analytics with a blog

You need to wait around 24 for statistics. After this time, you should have the first statistics in the panel. How to read them? You will learn in the second part of the note about Google Analytics.

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