Sharing blog statistics on a blog as a way to attract businesses

Is it worth sharing blog statistics on a blog?

Blog statistics, like the amounts for sponsored posts, are often kept secret. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with sharing statistics on the blog in the 'cooperation' tab and we do it (if you are interested in our statistics, please visit the 'cooperation' tab). Sharing statistics on a blog should be the norm, but a lot of bloggers make a secret of it. Question - why? Do they combine in statistics that they send to companies? Or are they just ashamed of low statistics?

Why share your statistics on the blog?

I will now write from the point of view of a person who does not blog, but someone who works with bloggers (because I do this professionally. If someone does not know yet - I work as a specialist in social media and cooperation with bloggers. More in the tab us').
When I am looking for bloggers to cooperate with various companies, I usually browse a lot of blogs, write to bloggers and ask for statistics. Certainly not only me, but most people involved in cooperation with bloggers would be grateful if everyone in the cooperation tab shared their statistics with the public. It would save time for people who deal with it. If you put statistics on a blog, then the client will immediately know if it's worth working with you and under what conditions.

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Let's face it - statistics are very important - whether on a blog or on social media. Professional companies ALWAYS ask for statistics from the last month (I also recommend sending statistics from 3 months). In addition, it will be a plus if the screenshots are named 'statistics from last month' and 'statistics from 3 months' or something like that.
If your statistics are low, you have to take into account that you will not be an interesting blogger to cooperate (unless you promise well and stand out with something special against the background of the blogosphere). For low statistics, I recommend letting go of paid advertising campaigns on the blog and focus on getting readers and maybe think at the beginning about barter cooperation.

Do you write about prices for advertising services on the blog?

I think it's a good idea, but I'm writing here again from the point of view of the person who works with bloggers. Usually such people have a certain budget for advertising campaigns and it certainly would make it easier to look for potential Bloggers to cooperate with.

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From my point of view, as a blogger, it looks a bit different. On our blog you will not find a price list for advertising services on our blog, nevertheless we have a range that we use.

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Why aren't we talking about them openly? Firstly, because we do not want to alienate customers. Despite the ranges, we always try to match the price to a specific service after determining the details of cooperation. I hope you understand what I mean - if someone writes a question about cooperation, I first ask about its details. Thanks to this, I can make an accurate quote, because I know what the client expects from me.
Secondly, because we do not want to disclose our blog earnings. Among our readers are family members, friends, etc. Earning issues concern only the two of us and we would not like to hear later comments on how much we do not earn on the blog (which of course is not true, but there would certainly be such suspicions). That is why we give the final price for the advertising service after we receive the details of cooperation.

Where to upload blog statistics?

Of course, such information should be found in the 'cooperation' tab. I have already written in Blogger's Guide about what exactly should be included in this tab click

Some useful bookmarks in Google Analytics

google analytics

Many of you under Google Analytics for green posts (click) signaled that posts about this issue should appear more often. I also remind you that Google Analytics (GA) is free and every professional Blogger should know it. All posts from the Blogger's Guide (click) are based on our blog and professional experience (find out what we do outside of the blog) click).

Today will be about sub-tabs in the 'Administration' tab -> 'Tracking information'. Below a little more about GA and a few useful tabs in GA that will allow you to monitor statistics in Google Analytics and the growing stats of your website.

Tracking code

The tracking code is your unique code, which if you have a blogger enter in the tab 'Other' -> Google Analytics Identifier of the web property Analytics. Thanks to this your blog will be configured with Google Analytics and will start collecting statistics. I do not recommend using blogger statistics, let alone sending them to advertisers (why you should not send blogger statistics to companies that want to work with you, I have already written in this post).
The 'Tracking code' tab also has a Google code that you paste if you have a blog, among others on WordPress.

User-ID function

This feature is useful in more advanced analytics - you can use it to check the involvement of your readers from various mobile devices and multiple sessions. If you don't want to play analytics, you don't have to use this feature. For sure GA basics are enough. I use this function because it provides me with information that I later use when running a blog. However, I will not reveal this secret, let something also remain 😉

Session Settings

You have to check the sub-tab from time to time because we had a problem with that. We had set the maximum session per minute for a long time, and I wondered why the average visit time on our blog was so low (a minute is really a very low ratio). That is why. Of course, I've considered many technical issues, I even thought that you would need to set up a new GA account.
I wish I had come up with it earlier to check this sub-tab. Man learns throughout his life (especially on mistakes). You know I even thought about deleting my blog. Such statistics showed that only someone would enter the blog and leave immediately. I started to look for the reason - maybe we write badly, maybe someone does not like us, or maybe our blog is hardly visible on the web (I do not think, because the post about Darsonval is one of the first places in Google search engine).

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I couldn't find the reason, and the reason was so simple. Now I have a lesson and I will check this sub-tab, because by this setting we do not have a real preview of statistics from the last few months, and you can see with the naked eye that there are more and more readers. This and the next two months will only show actual blog statistics, which will be visible in the 'cooperation' tab on our blog.

Free search sources

Not all people use Google search (although certainly most of us use this search engine). Nevertheless, it is worth adding other search engines, which will be counted as free traffic, as in the case of Google search engine.

Referral exclusion list

If you have two blogs then you can exclude mutual traffic from blogs. You can also exclude spam here. Just enter the domain address that you will classify as spam. This is worth doing, because very often such spam traffic lies to the actual statistics of the blog. We have several porn sites and other unidentified sites that have broken our GA statistics

Search term exclusion list

We don't use this sub-tab and I don't remember ever using it. If anyone uses this sub-tab, let me know because I am very curious what exclusion of search terms gives.
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