Schwarzkopf got2b clean cut pomade

Today, the Schwarzkopf brand product will be evaluated, namely the latest product from this company that is supposed to help us with fashionable hair styling so that the hair can be laid freely and not be stiff and look unnatural. Product capacity is 100ml in I appreciate: around PLN 20. What encouraged me to buy this product?

I was intrigued by the elegant black slim packaging and when I opened it, I was even more intrigued, together with my fiancee, we wondered what it was, how to put pomade on my hair. The product has an interesting consistency - a bit like melted candle wax. The best part is that you do not need to wash your hands after use, as the product does not dirty them.

The manufacturer assures us that the product is intended for highlighting curls and free styling of hair so as to give them natural overtones, maybe for styling and highlighting hair the product fulfills its role but for styling curls simply not suitable (opinion D.) The product works best for styling hairstyles when the hair is short or medium length (length of male hair) then the effect is really satisfactory at 100. Another plus is that the hair sticks together and each hair can be styled in any direction and at any angle.

Hair after styling and application a little varnish they stick all day. An equally good pomade effect is combined with Joanna's rubber.