Henna Khadi for the second time - nut brown

Today is the day when I applied Khadi for the second time. The same time for a review! :) For the first time khadi I applied 7 2013 exactly July. It was the first time I had contact with this product.

What are my thoughts? how much did khadi paint stick to? In this post, I hope to answer all your questions about hair henna. Applying the product is time-consuming (although I must admit that now, when I applied the second time, it is definitely much better! Also, I think it's a matter of practice). The first one went nut brown. I wanted darker, but it wasn't right. Although nut brown did a good job, I will order a darker shade the next time I buy it because it only unified my natural color.

How to use Henna Khadi nut brown

The first dyeing was a bit embarrassing because I could not determine / find the perfect consistency of the paint when mixed with water. With subsequent application of henna, it will certainly be much easier, because I found the perfect consistency, and instead of water I added black tea (I read on several blogs that it can be added, which will make the color darker, which is what I wanted).

First, we wash the hair with shampoo without SLS, apply henna to wet hair. I will say a little about the application - henna is mixed with warm water, there are no exact proportions, I always do it by eye. Half the can is enough for my hair (approx. To the shoulders). The amount of product was enough in 100%.

Unfortunately, I think I was unlucky once again, because I didn't get the cap or gloves mentioned on the website ... I also had to buy an additional product before I went to hair henna. After mixing henna with water, apply it to the hair even warmer (the colder it is, the more compact it is, the more difficult it is to apply). We have to do it very carefully, otherwise we will have only some hair strands dyed and some in the "old" color. After applying, we put on a shower cap (this time I put on food film) to preserve heat.

I kept the henna around 2 hours because I wanted to get the darkest color possible. The first time it came out a little too bright (completely in the color of my natural hair), now it is a little darker, but still reminiscent of my natural color. We keep Henna from 30 minutes to 2 hours. As I wrote, I held 2 h.

We have to refrain from washing and styling 48 hair, thus I recommend applying henna on Friday, and washing only on Monday morning. This is not a big problem, because I noticed that thanks to henna my hair is less greasy, so if I dye it on Friday evening, on Saturday they are beautiful and I tie them on Sunday, it is ok. Henna stayed in my daily hair washing 1,5 month. Only then could it be seen that it was completely washed out. Fortunately, I didn't have suckers, which I was scared of.

Effects after dyeing with Khadi henna

Wonder! My hair is less greasy, shiny, nourished and much thicker (it seems as if there were more on the head). What more could you want?!

I rate this product 5- / 6 (this small minus for applying the product, which is very troublesome at first). The effects beat everything! On Tuesday, I will put oil on my hair to strengthen the henna shine and that the hair will not be slightly stiff (although this effect passes after the first washing of the hair).

Applying henna Khadi

I am sitting with Khadi nut brown paint on my head, which I test thanks to the company Magic India.

First impressions - this paint is extremely difficult to apply, even with the help of a second person. It is possible that I did something wrong, because unfortunately the instructions do not have specific proportions written, it is also very difficult to determine how much exactly what to give, so that the consistency is the best.

henna khadi

First, we wash the hair with shampoo without SLS, boil water to approx. 50 degrees (I cooked it in boiling water, and then cooled down until I could put my finger in a cup of water for a second). Then the mixing stage.

For one dyeing I used a half can of 100 g and about 5-6 tablespoons of warm water, so that the consistency was not too thick, because it could not be applied at all. I will say this - putting it off is very discouraging. I wonder if this is a matter of practice, because I applied it for the first time in my life.

I want to get the darkest color possible, which is why I will hold the henna 2 for an hour. I will let you know the effect after drying your hair, and in a few days I will let you know what the color looks like after a few days.

In 1h and 20 min. I will wash the henna. We will see if washing will be as much fun as applying;)

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