How to tame an unruly bangs?

Just a few months ago, a straight bang was on my head. I have to admit that I felt good in it, but ... there are just a few "buts"


1) bangs did not always arrange as I wanted because I have a raincoat right where the bangs are

2) the process of drying it, combing it, smoothing it, in a word, after a while the styling process was a bit tiring (and the bangs were too short to fasten it every morning too ...)
3) undercutting once a week 1,5 has significantly reduced my stock (by ... in Gdansk, the prices of undercutting bangs range from 5-10 PLN)
4), the fringe hair just got greasy very quickly. Especially on hot days I was crazy
5) forehead also, in addition it was the perfect moment for the pimples to come out on this greasy ground ...
And so, after counting all the pros and cons (which, unfortunately, there were many more), I decided that I had to give up my bangs. Sometimes I miss her a little, but well ...
This is how the bangs began to grow. This is not an easy process, the worst is the moment when the fringe is not long enough to fasten it, but it is also not so short to wear it. This moment was a nightmare for me.
regrowth fringe
I dealt with it thanks to the frogs, slides and also the band, although I used it and I use it the least often, unless it is a band in the form of an elastic band (although I used this mainly for yoga).
Mostly, I make a curl with a bangs so that I can clip my hair so that they do not interrupt my work. I usually roll shorter hair with longer ones - thanks to that their shortening is easier, in addition shorter hair mixes with longer ones and doesn't fall out of the curl.
Sometimes I also make a pigtail from the bangs (unfortunately it is still too short for that). I really like braids of the type shown in the pictures. In my opinion, they look very nice, they are easy to do, and besides, they are an ideal way for bangs that grow back.
Do you also have problems with your growing bangs?