How to achieve success on Instagram?

Ever since Instagram is leading the way in social networks, everyone wants to exist and become an influencer. For the record - an influencer is a person who advertises products and services on his social networking site. It is characterized by the fact that it influences the decision of others. Therefore, the influencer is none other than an opinion leader. To become an influencer, you must have an account on a social networking site, YouTube or blog. In this post you will learn how to achieve success on Instagram.

Company account on Instagram

You must have a company account to access statistics on Instagram. This has its pros and cons. Pros include the statistics or the ability to create ads (via the tool offered by Facebook). Of the minuses, it should be mentioned that company accounts on Instagram have very much reduced ranges.
All this since the owner of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) took over Instagram. He still had a snap on Snapchat, but the owner of Snapchat was not interested. What did Mark do then? He has released an update on Instagram that looks like Snapchat. Who has not heard of Insta Stories - you must try it out. From 10 thousand followers can post an active link on Insta Stories. Since we have this number of followers, we have started using this function. Interestingly, the most blog entries from social media are from Insta Stories.

Ways to develop a profile on Instagram

There are different ways to develop your Instagram profile. The most important, however, is to regularly publish good-quality photos with a catchy description. Sometimes, however, this is not enough. Unfortunately, developing an Instagram profile is getting more and more difficult. There is also increasing competition.

"Success on Instagram is a matter of good quality photos, catchy descriptions and a bit of luck."

To start earning on running an Instagram profile you must have a minimum of 10 thousand followersów. With us, the first real offers began just then. Professionally (note at work I deal with social media and cooperation with bloggers and influencers) also for me the minimum to start cooperation is 10 thous. active followersów. However, it all depends on the industry, because in the case of lifestyle, beauty they are larger than in the case of, for example, runners. Why do I stress that they must be active followers? Because very often these are bought empty accounts from India or Pakistan. The sad thing is that companies that are looking for influencers to collaborate often only look at the high number of followers, not their "quality". This does not change the fact that for me buying followers is unacceptable. In this post I discussed the issue of buying followers on Instagram more widely: click.


Thanks to the appropriate hashtags you can increase the visibility of the photos you add on your profile. I do not recommend using the list of most popular hashtags. Why? Because if you add a hashtag that has been added by a few million others before, your photo will only appear on that list for a moment.
What hashtags are worth adding then? The golden rule is looking for a niche. I usually add hashtags that have about 200-500 thousand. thanks to this, there is a greater chance that with high activity under the photo someone will notice you. The more that now you can observe not only profiles, but also hashtags. I hope you already know how to achieve success on Instagram.

A blog on various topics is a way to success

To write a post I was inspired by a conversation with a friend who is thinking about starting her blog. We entered the topic of blogging, how it was with us at the beginning of blogging and the question arose - is it worth running a blog on various topics, or focus on one. This question is very good and I've thought about it many times myself - is a blog on various topics really a way to success? Today I will try to answer this question.

Our blog is a multi-thematic blog

At the beginning of blogging (2009 of the year), our blog was in 100% beauty and was based mainly on cosmetics reviews, beauty tips and all matters around the world. At that time, I was blogging myself on the platform. Moving the blog to blogspot gave birth to a new name, as well as a new section, which is now called 'Male eye'And is addressed to men. This section includes reviews of men's cosmetics or gadget posts. This section is Piotr's place, so I interfere in his publications and topics he touches on in this section. Together we decide on other departments exceptA woman's look,. I rule here.
After adding the department for men, a section was createdOur house'Which has been in my head for a long time. When we lived together, I had to learn many things. I have never been interested in the fact that to wash clothes you have to sort them and buy several types of laundry products. It was a gentle shock for me, but I was able to learn everything (it wasn't true without a few dyed or shrunken clothes, but I did it!). Interestingly, now I am more happy with things bought home than for myself.

Blogger's guide - great success on our blog!

This section was a huge experiment for me. One day we talked with Piotr about blogging and also my passion for social media. Piotr motivated me to act and write about his experiences related to blogging. I would never have thought that this section would turn out to be a hit. At the end of February I even led live on Instagram @dpblogpl on blogging, making money on blogs and social media. Soon we will see you live again!

Is it worth running a blog on various topics?

Well-known Bloggers, e.g. Maffashion, Jessica Mercedes, Fashionelka - we categorize these girls as fashion bloggers. Alina Rose, Red Lipstick Monster - we know that these are girls dealing with the beauty category. They were successful in running a blog on one topic, expanding over time (e.g. Fashionelka) with beauty and interior decoration posts. However, they are filed as a specific 'category'. If anyone would ever pigeonhole us - it would probably be a lifestyle. There are too many sections on our blog to be able to assign us to a particular category, although at the beginning our blog was a beauty blog.
In terms of positioning, it's worth running a blog on various topics. Different topics can attract more readers. We have further departments created with our development - departmentPersonal development'Was created when we opened the company and started working on our own account, departmentOur house', When we lived together,'Diet'When we went on a veggie diet and started to modify a lot of recipes and create my own from scratch. All this took place naturally and is based on our experience. And this is probably the key to success.
No matter what topic you run a blog, if you feel that you have found your passion and want to share it with the world - do it. Prepare a minimum of 7 posts from the new department and if you feel it, act! You can always write a post on a topic other than your blog. It will definitely be a nice change for your readers. It may turn out that one of your readers shares your passion and if you don't create a new section on your blog, you will find a soul mate.

Remember that a blog is your place and you decide what to publish. You are the boss here!