How to cure acne?

Where to buy darsonval
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On average, every 2 days I get from you a question about what it is darsonval. That's why I decided to answer this question on the pages of D&P blog.

What is darsonval?

Darsonval has been my huge friend for years. For the first time I learned about it from a acquaintance of a beautician who gave me 10-minute treatment with darosnval. I had then terrible acne. This device made a huge impression on me - after the first treatment the skin looked different. She was muted.
15 zlotys cost me one darosnval treatment. I was supposed to come to the beautician once a week for 3 months. Then once every 2 weeks to maintain the effect. This amount began to get quite large on a longer scale, so I started looking for an alternative. Then I bought my darsonval.

What does darsonval work on?

I hesitated for a long time whether to order darsonval, but I was convinced by the opinions about it. Darsonval works not only on acne, but also other ailments (including herpes) and hair growth. A detailed description can be found here i here.

It was a great decision. I use Darsonval regularly (I've had a break the last year because I was wearing a permanent camera) and I really see the results. Darsonvalem I destroy not only pimplesthat appear on my face, but also herpes (he haunts me from time to time). If anyone in the family or a friend asks me how I treated my acne, I answer: darsonval.

Darsonval is not just skin problems on the face. Darsonval can cure dandruff, fight hair loss and greasy hair, or accelerate hair growth. You can also find Darsonval in the fight against mimic wrinkles and discoloration. You can see more applications here

Bandi cream with azelaic and salicylic pyruvic acid

In autumn I planned to take an acid treatment. This is the perfect time, due to limited access to the sun (note: acids and the sun are not a good combination, as spots may appear). You have to be careful with acids, because improperly used can cause more damage than good.
Bandi cream with azelaic and salicylic pyruvic acid
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Since I regularly use Bandi's almond cream, I have found that this time I will trust the proven brand. For the first days of use there was a wow effect. I used the cream at night after thorough makeup removal, and in the morning I woke up with a radiant face. I thought it was a hit, but as it turned out after a few days - not at all.
After a few days a rash appeared, but I did not give up. I found my skin was cleansing. Unfortunately, later it was only worse. The skin became dry, more pimples appeared (subcutaneous, aching).
I suspect that my skin has reacted badly to salicylic acid for the second time in my life (I once tried salicylic acid and it also ended up in a huge rash).
Unfortunately this cream compared with Bandi cream with almond acid he didn't work well for me. I will definitely not go back to him.