How to start practicing yoga?

Several girls asked me about yoga. Why yoga and not running now. You also asked if I am afraid to practice yoga at home or if I would not prefer to go to group classes. I would like to answer all these questions today.
yoga for beginners
My adventure with yoga began a few years ago. Huge backache, caused by office work, as well as stress of everyday life forced me to look for help. I started to search, search, read, and finally decided: yoga or Pilates. In the end, however, the choice fell on yoga, because it seemed to me to be more relaxing. As a result, I never went to pilates, but I still have everything ahead of me.
After entering Google, the password "yoga Gdańsk" came up with several suggestions, I was looking for something at a convenient time, hours, and also for beginners. The price was not too high, because it was (from what I remember) PLN 25. for 1,5 h. I contacted the instructor and went to class. I also managed to persuade my sister P., which was actually not a good idea, because for half the class we laughed at how much we suck :)))
The group was small, because they had 5-7 people, but for me it was enough.
A. after some time she gave up, and I continued to attend classes. After some time, the deadline changed, and with it the hours. It didn't suit me at all, so I started looking for something else.
How did I feel after class? Don Bosco ... admittedly soreness appeared in the least expected places (the fact that after yoga you discover muscles you had no idea is not a myth at all!), But it gave me a lot of motivation. Anyway, after each class I felt that I was more flexible and above all calmer.
After a break of several months, I signed up for a beginner course. It was something completely different, because it was a yoga school where the groups were much larger. The classes were wonderful. Sometimes tiring, but going out felt great joy from visible and those less visible effects.
The course was over and I didn't sign up for further classes because the price of one entry was higher than during the course. Despite the student discount, I stated that I was just sorry for the money.
Today I practice regularly at home with Ania Brzegowa I am very pleased.
At the beginning of my yoga adventure, I recommend signing up for group classes. In such classes, the instructor can improve your posture, which you will automatically correct yourself over time. This is very important because you can hurt yourself by doing incorrectly asanas or leaving your position badly.
Over time, you can easily exercise alone at home as a supplement or replacement for classes.