Pros and cons of a hybrid manicure

I returned to hybrid manicure after more than a year. When I heard from Radzka about the combined method used by the professional from Indigo, I decided to take a chance. Earlier I did a hybrid manicure on one of the islands, where you can do a manicure without records. The ladies whose services I used worked on OPI varnishes.

Hybrid manicure destroys nails

I decided to make hybrid manicure when after one of them I saw that my nails were in a deplorable condition. They recovered for a long time - they were soft, split and broke. And I must mention that I've never had problems with my nails. After some time I missed hybrids, because I must admit that I am not a fan of traditional varnishes. The problem with me is that you have to be very careful with ordinary mani, and unfortunately I belong to such people who bother about everything (however it sounds). Traditional manicure with base and top kept on average for me 3 days before one of the nails stated that it was too long and beautiful splinter appeared.

silver hybrid manicure

As it turned out, the nail condition at the hybrid was affected by their removal. The most recommended method is to remove hybrids with a special liquid based on acetone. I don't have to mention that it's not super nutritious for our nails. Currently, I have removable hybrids using a milling machine, thanks to which my nails are just as hard and strong as when I did not make hybrids.

Hybrid manicure using the combined method

I wrote about this method some time ago, but there are still many questions. Combined hybrid manicure (also ordinary) involves painting nails under the cuticles with a small brush. Thanks to this, the gap between the nail and cuticles is not visible, and regrowth occurs a little later. I make hybrid manicure 2x a month. In my case it looks like the regrowth appears after about 7-8 days (i.e. normal). With the normal method, I had regrowth after 3-4 days. You see the difference, right? Interestingly, the regrowth on my right thumb appears the fastest. And how are you?

Decorations and colors of hybrid varnishes that I recommend

I mainly like boredom, but recently I have started to go crazy with nail patterns and decorations. I had nails painted with nude varnish, and on my ring finger marble, mint nails with a finger ring, and now I have nails painted with Koko Loko Indigo (beautiful, powder pink) and pixel decoration with Indigo. The effect can be seen below. If you are fans of minimalistic decorations, you will definitely like them. Anyway, see for yourself (I encourage you to follow our profile on Instagram, because I always show my new claws there).

Pros and cons of a hybrid manicure


  • durability (you can do literally anything without worrying about the paint chipping off)
  • great option for holidays (you don't have to worry about the appearance of your nails, you also don't have to worry about painting them during the trip)
  • lots of cool decorating options and variations
  • over 2 weeks without nail painting (do I have to add anything ?!)
  • after some time, regrowth appears, which does not look encouraging
  • cost (hybrid manicure is more expensive than traditional manicure)
  • time (hybrid manicure gets longer than traditional)
  • there is nothing to cheat, but with hybrid manicure nails are damaged

I wonder if you like hybrid manicure or are you fans of traditional mani? Let me know in the comments.

Why do I go back to hybrid manicure after more than a year?

Last year I did a hybrid manicure regularly in a salon that worked on OPI varnishes. My favorite color was Let's be friends from the Hello Kitty collection. This mix of white and pink blends in well with the tan. With each hybrid making my nails were getting weaker, so I decided to give them up. The second reason was the rapid regrowth that appeared after a week. It is nice that my nails grow quickly, but with hybrids it is not necessarily advisable. One day I would like to learn how to make hybrids myself, this is my goal on the to-do list.

chanel varnish

Combined hybrid manicure

When I heard about the combined method that is used with both traditional manicures and hybrids, I decided to take a chance. Combined manicure consists in pushing, cutting and milling cuticles around the nails in order to apply a hybrid under the cuticles. Thanks to this, we get the effect of the hybrid coming out from under the skins, and regrowth occurs much later than with the traditional method of making hybrids. It is worth noting, however, that a person who performs a combined manicure must be trained, because otherwise he can easily hurt us.

What is a combined manicure and how to do it?

On Thursday I'm going to a hybrid manicure for one of the beauty salons in Gdansk. I am very curious how long it will stick on my nails. And how my nails will react to hybrids - will they be in a deplorable state again. I decided that I would be tempted to hybrids again, because the traditional varnish is not durable enough and you have to be careful about it. There is no need for hybrids. Below, I am giving you minimalist hybrid inspirations, and I will show you my pattern on Insta Stories @dpblogpl.

hybrid manicure
marbled nails
hybrid delicate decoration
manicure leaves monstery
colorful manicure
pastel v
summer manicure

Which of the suggestions do you like the most?