Crisis in drinking the right amount of water

I have never had a problem supplying my body with the right amount of water. Recently, I began to notice that the skin on my face has become more flaccid, and the skin on the body, despite proper moisturizing with oils is still dry.

I didn't care and started to drop everything onto dry summer air. Only facial skin tests (click) made me realize that something is wrong. I started to analyze the amount of fluid consumed and it turned out that I actually have a big problem with it lately.
It started with the fact that in my previous job I didn't even have time to drink a sip of water, not to mention the fact that I came home more than once after eight hours without breakfast. My body started to give me signs that it couldn't go on.
Despite forcing myself to drink, I knew that I still did not supply the body with the right amount of fluid. I started to look for help.
With the help came to me the smartphone application "water your body", which not only shows how much we have behind us, but also how much is yet to come. I downloaded the application via Google play - the application is free, unless you want to hide ads - then you have to pay 21,99 PLN. In the application you can set a notification, e.g. every hour, which will remind us that it is time for another portion of water.
how to learn to drink waterIn the application, enter your weight, thanks to which the app determines the amount of water that we should drink (depending on the weight, the demand for water is different. Don't believe in the nonsense that everyone should drink the same amount!).
It can also be noted that we are people practicing sport (+ 15% water to drink) or it is hot (+ 10% water to drink).
By adding more drunk portions - we can modify the amount ourselves. It can be a glass of 300 ml or a bottle of 800 ml.
The application includes: a diary of drinking water, a water graph, as well as a weight report.
Apka is my great helper, especially now during the crisis reminds me how important it is to provide the body with the right amount of water.