An alternative for those who can't drink coffee

My stomach reacts very badly to coffee. I tried all sorts from loose to sap and other mild coffee-like versions. Furaginium, which caused me a lot of harm (it completely flushed magnesium out of the body during cystitis), mobilized me to completely give up drinking coffee.
In this way I returned to grain coffee, which until now I associated only with the years of my childhood, when as a small child I was burning to drink coffee.
This return is very nice. Among several types of coffees (including the famous Inca) I chose Delecta's kujawianka. I was tempted to buy the smell coming out of the packaging, which resembles the smell of real coffee, but also an ecological packaging that impresses with its simplicity.
Cereal coffee contains fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, inulin, and is also a source of polyphenols.

Plain coffee increases blood pressure, and also raises the level of fat in the blood, acidifies the stomach. Cereal coffee does not stimulate gastric acid secretion, so after drinking it, my stomach does not hurt.

Accelerates metabolism, therefore it is recommended for people who are slimming. It can also be drunk by people with hyperacidity, gastrointestinal ulceration, as well as children and pregnant women (also nursing). Unlike normal coffee, which is not recommended for pregnant women.
For me, a huge plus is the increase in the absorption of magnesium. Maybe it will help me "rebuild" magnesium stores.
We can add cinnamon or cardamom to cereal coffee, add soy or rice milk. You can add sugar to it if you sweeten or honey.
Here are some types of grain coffee:

ANATOL classic (Delecta)

Type: express coffee (medium nutritional)
Composition: chicory, rye
Energy value / 100 g: 2 kcal; protein: <0,3 g; carbohydrates: 0,5 g; fat: 0,0 g
Packaging and price: 147g / 35 sachets - approx. 4 PLN
Notes: Chicory root contains bitter compounds that facilitate digestion. It does not contain fat, it has low nutrients. Low calorie, convenient to prepare. Recommended in a slimming diet.
Type: loose coffee (medium nutritional)
Composition: rye, barley, chicory, sugar beet
Energy value / 100 g: 3,9 kcal; protein: 0,09 g; carbohydrates: 0,87 g; fat: <0,01 g
Packaging and price: 200 g / carton - approx. 2 PLN
Notes: the process of making coffee is a real ritual. It is prepared for the whole family in a large liter jug. Kujawianka is completely natural, does not contain any artificial additives or dyes.
CARO (Nestle)
Type: instant coffee (very nutritious)
Composition: barley, barley malt, chicory, rye
Energy value / 100 g: 352 kcal; protein: 5,3 g; carbohydrates: 82,6 g; fat: 0,0g
Packaging and price: 200 g / can - approx. 10 PLN
Notes: it does not contain fat, it has a lot of nutrients, and in addition a lot of carbohydrates go from coffee to barley malt. The airtight packaging protects the coffee against airing.
MORNING (Mokate)
Type: granulated coffee (very nutritious)
Composition: barley, rye
Energy value / 100 g: 372 kcal; protein: 4,8 g; carbohydrates: 75 g; fat: 0,0 g
Packaging and price: 200 g / jar - approx. 6 PLN
Notes: coffee has a weak aroma, loses it when drying at high temperature in the granulation process, but on the other hand, granulated coffee dissolves perfectly even in cold milk.
Type: loose coffee (medium nutritional)
Composition: rye, barley, wheat, hawthorn and blackthorn, chicory roots
traveler and evening primrose
Energy value / 100 g: no data; nutrients: no data available
Packaging and price: 100 g / carton - 4,50 PLN
Notes: Coffee has a specific taste, although the roasting of chicory inulin transforms into a coffee-like aroma. Powdered fruits of hawthorn support the work of the heart.
Spelled coffee (Bio Harmonie)
Type: instant coffee (very nutritious)
Composition: wheat spelled from organic farming
Energy value / 100 g: 371 kcal; protein: 7,2 g; carbohydrates: 84,6 g; fat: 0,4g
Packaging and price: 50 g / jar - approx. 8 PLN
Notes: Spelled coffee improves digestion and has a slightly laxative effect. It is beneficial for those having digestive problems. This coffee contains the most protein and carbohydrates.
CELINKA (Celiko)
Type: instant coffee (medium nutritious)
Composition: barley, rye, wheat
Energy value / 100g: 365,2 kcal; protein: 5,2 g; carbohydrates: 80,5 g; fat: 0,2 g
Packaging and price: 100 g / standing bag - approx. 4 PLN
Notes: kernels, i.e. wheat fruits, contain large amounts of starch and the most protein and gluten of all cereal species. The packaging is bulky, it is worth pouring the contents into a sealed can or jar.
* Source: Live Healthy and Active October 2009
Do you drink grain coffee? or do you prefer regular coffee?