Denko: August 2015

August passed very quickly. Let's hope that summer doesn't leave us yet, because I feel sorry for the autumn weather. I feel sorry for the sun, hot weather, summer atmosphere and laziness that accompanies this time of year.

In the shower

  1. Biovax, an intensively regenerating mask for dark hair - this mask was after me a few months. I applied it once a week, but for a few minutes in the shower. After use, the hair is silky soft and nourished. I will buy again.
  2. Kneipp, almond oil - I didn't like it mainly because of the smell. I used it to wash the BB cream, as well as for hair and body. I will not buy again.
  3. Eveline, luxurious body lotion shower lemongrass and coconut - I got a sample of this lotion at see bloggers. I liked this product so much that I already have a large bottle at home. Unfortunately, this version of the fragrance was not available, so I bought a balm with almond oil. This one doesn't quite suit me. I will buy again.
  4. Eveline, 2 in 1 balm with body scrub - I also got this sample at see bloggers. For me it has a too intense smell (those who like vanilla will definitely like it!). Pretty good scrub from this peeling. I will not buy again.
  5. Soraya, intimate hygiene emulsion - I came across this product by accident when they shut Rossmann under my breath. I have nothing to complain about this emulsion, but I will return to Facelle. This product costs around PLN 11, and I don't see the difference between it and Facelle. I will not buy again.
  6. Alterra, moisturizing hair conditioner - Alterra hair cosmetics always make me anxious. I used shampoo several times and my hair fell out every time. Fortunately, nothing happened with this conditioner, and the hair was loose, soft ... almost perfect. I bought Petal Fresh conditioner again, but I will come back to this product from time to time. I will buy again.
  7. Alterra, shower gel plumeria white & black without - although I like Alterry shower gels, this product did not impress me. The gel is very watery, which makes it wear quickly. Plus for a nice smell. I will not buy again.
  8. Hipp, gel for washing the body and hair - my favorite first, now Piotr uses this product and is delighted. Soon there will be a review of this product in the male eye 😉 I will buy again.

For hair styling

  1. Toni & Guy sea salt - this product appears at my place every summer, i.e. when I don't use the dryer. After washing the hair and drying them with a cotton T-shirt, I spray the hair with this product. The cosmetic gives the hair light waves like a surfer girl. I like to return to this product and for sure I will buy again in a year.
  2. Toni & Guy spray gel for curls - of this product I had a tip, so when I ran out of sea salt spray I reached for it. This is the best curling product I've found so far. Great emphasizes the turn especially in cooperation with the dryer. I use this cosmetic from autumn to summer, and then reach for sea salt. I will buy again.


  1. Wibo matte intense lipstick No. 2 - beautiful color, looks great on the lips. However, applying this lipstick is so difficult (the lipstick is extremely dry) that I'm just fed up with it. He likes to emphasize dry skin. I throw it in the trash and for sure I will not buy again.
  2. Wibo matte intense lipstick No. 1 - the same as for the lipstick above. I will not buy again.
  3. Bath & Body Works, Caribbean escape - beautiful, holiday fragrance with a coconut note. It is a pity that Bath & Body Works does not have its online store, or more stores in Poland (the store is only located in Warsaw). I will buy again.
  4. Elmex, toothpaste against caries - paste recommended by my orthodontist. Apparently the best with orthodontic appliances and more.

Perfect Housewife

  1. Domol, ecological toilet cleaning liquid - Domola eco series is very cool and I often reach for it. This one, however, did not quite work out - its consistency was too thin, making it completely inefficient. Domol products are only available in Rossmann. I will not buy again.
  2. Brise sense & spray, fresh cotton - the smell that most often guests in my home. It smells of fresh laundry, is associated with cleanliness and is not choking. I love! I will buy again.
  3. Domol, anti-dye wipes - there is a separate post about this product because I am totally enchanted with it. I can not imagine washing without these tissues. I will buy again.