Is it worth buying the original Invisibobble?

About fakes Invisibobble from H&M I wrote some time ago. They worked quite well, but needed frequent restoration of their original shape. It started to tire me a bit, so I bought the original Invisibobble.

Invisibobble probably every hair maniac knows. They may not look very beautiful, but they do not pull out the hair, do not cause bruising and are delicate.
I bought my Invisibobble at Hebe for around PLN 15 / 3 pieces. I chose the shade closest to my hair color because I don't like how hair bands are visible. I bought brown rubber bands.
Invisibobbles are much thinner than counterfeits from H&M, they are also made of a softer material. Counterfeits from H&M were able to pull out individual hair, Invisibobble did not pull out a single hair (praise them for that!).
Counterfeits from H&M have a bond that is responsible for pulling out the hair, while in Invisibobble they are so thin that the bonding is not felt.

It is also worth mentioning that the original Invisibobbles quickly return (themselves!) To their original shape, but over time they stretch slightly. All you need is a bath in boiling water and they look like new. With H&M fakes it is not so easy, because even after bathing they lose their properties.
The price of elastics is quite high, but considering their quality - it's worth investing in the original version. The erasers last for a long time, one refreshing treatment their properties and look like new.

Given that there are as many as 3 pieces in the package, they will stay with me for a long time. I tried the original Invisibobble and I will not go back to fakes.