How to restore Invisibobble to its original shape ?!

My Invisibobble counterfeits that I bought at H&M work very well. Although I'm curious what is the difference between them and the original version, but for now these erasers must be enough for me.
What exactly are Invisibobble? They are rubber bands that visually resemble a telephone cable.
Why, then, have they become so popular with hair lovers?
They are great for curls, because they do not crush like traditional erasers (after traditional erasers, the hair is usually flap where you tie it with an eraser. In addition, it often leaves a mark).
In addition, these bands do not pull out the hair, which is probably the best argument that it is worth having them in your vanity case.
After several months of use, my fakes Invisibooble began to lose their properties more and more. It is true that they still do not pull out the hair, but unfortunately I had to tie my hair more and more times.
I began to wonder what could restore their natural shape, until suddenly I came up with a brilliantly simple idea. Hot water! That's how she restored the original properties of these erasers.
Just heat the water to make it very warm (almost boiling water), throw stretched rubber bands into the bowl and cover them with water. Leave for 10 seconds, carefully remove and dry with a paper towel.
And it's ready!