Are blogs dying?

It has been said for a long time that blogs are dying, and now they are leading on YouTube videos or social media profiles (especially on Instagram). Are you sure that only other bloggers read blogs? Nowadays, is it not worth wasting time blogging? Today I will try to answer these questions.

Blog times

When I started my blog in 2009, I didn't even think that anyone would ever pay me to publish posts on my site, I didn't even think about the fact that someone would want to send me products for free. The truth is that blogging was not a clue, and times were a little different. In the year 2009, no one probably even thought about the fact that blogs can be used for advertising, or at least no one thought about my blog like that. All in all, I'm not surprised why, because my blog was just ugly. I don't even remember what color template I had, but I do remember that I made the logo in Paint.

old postcards from Paris

When I think back to those times, I see how much has changed in my approach to blogging, as well as how I treat my blog. Because today I can confidently say that the blog has opened a lot of doors for us - not only professionally, but actually always, when we mention blogging, it meets with great interest of the recipient.

People are curious about what we do, and even more curious about how much we earn from blogging. It's sad because nowadays only numbers count - how much you earn, how much did your apartment / house / car cost, and how many followers do you have on Instagram. People define you by numbers, not by who you are and what you do, as well as how much time and heart you put into it.

Investment of time and money in blogging

If you think that we have developed our blog without spending time or financial investment - you are wrong. The golden rule is that you have to invest first and then reap the benefits. Funny, because many girls write to me for free advice, and when I refuse to give advice for free, I get a huge shock. Because I took my knowledge from the air, because the wish for a new template, blog optimization was a wish from a gold fish or tooth fairy. Well, unfortunately not, because we have devoted a lot of time and money to the blog (fortunately now this money is paying back more than). Therefore, remember when you want to develop your blog, but you will not have a budget. It doesn't work that way, in every business you first have to invest money not only on advertising, because without it, don't move.

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Is it profitable to run a blog these days?

Some say that the heyday of blogs is long past and that blogs are dying. I can't agree with this, although it is true that people are more eager to watch videos or spend time on YouTube. Why such interest then Blogger's guide and where are the e-mails coming up about collaborating mainly on the blog? Why are there more and more Bloggers meetings, of course, which also feature YouTube creators, but also Influencers who run their Instagram profiles?

The truth is that nowadays blogging is not only writing a blog and nothing else. That's why many people say blogs are dying. Although we still have the most readers from organic search, the second group are people coming from social media (both from Instagram and Facebook or Pinterest, where we have 256 thousand profile views per week). It is social media that are now a kind of 'boost' for blogs. Nowadays you also need to be active there, if you want to achieve success in blogging. Especially it's worth recording Insta Storiesbecause people like to know that someone is on the other side. AND how to succeed on Instagram you will learn from this post. Only do not buy followers, because it may end badly for you!