Facts and myths about Instagram and its functioning

In the era of today's development of social media, there are more and more pseudo-experts in this topic, as well as facts and myths about Instagram. Following the way of thinking that guides us in running our blog (Don't make an idiot reader) before I publish any information on the blog or our profile on Instagram (who is not yet watching us, let them do it now @dpblogpl) I am checking if this information is true. Unfortunately, with the development of SM (social media), there are more and more rumors about their functioning. People live with cut ranges or shadowban.

facts and myths about running an Instagram profile

A lot is going on in Warsaw, and so on September 27, we participated together with Piotr in the Marketing Tour 2018 conference, where there was a lot of information about SM. I had the opportunity to talk to Paweł Chrzan, who worked on Facebook and ask about a few things that have intrigued me for a long time, including about Instagram and the blacker issues about running a profile there. In this post I will present facts and myths about Instagram.

How is it with Instagram hashtags?

When in one of the social media groups a question arose from a girl (she was just starting out) how it is with these hashtags and how many hashtags to be published, the hate of the administrator and her friend (who 'sits' in the subject) spilled over me when I said that the publication of 30 hashtags under the photo is crap and has no real effect on ranges. I was very amused because I knew I was right. The girls insisted that you need to publish 30 hashtags and it's best in the first comment under the photo. I have long felt that this method is not good. You may have noticed that for a long time I tested various forms of adding hashtags - 30 hashtags in the description below the photo, a few hashtags in the description and the rest in the first comment or other - only a few hashtags in the description below the photo. My conclusions have been confirmed - when you add more hashtags, the range of the photo is lower (probably these are new changes on IG and more attention to spam). Of course, I tested the option of adding hashtags on similar photos, so that there was no ambiguity or the thought that one photo was better than the other.

This information was also confirmed by Paweł. The more hashtags, the chance that your photo will be marked as spam and the range will be lower. It's also best to add a few (most-matched to the photo) hashtags in the description below the photo. Adding hashtags in the commentary does not affect the range of the photo, and 'not adding 30 hashtags is lowering the reach' (as one of the 'Experts' wrote in the Facebook group I cited above) is complete nonsense.

Does shadowban exist?

These questions have been bothering me for a long time. A few months ago, Instagram lived on the theme of a shadowban - everyone wanted to know if it was true or not. Facebook (Facebook is the owner of Instagram) issued an official statement that shadowban does not exist. On the other hand, Paweł did not confirm or deny the existence of a shadowban. His response to my question can only suggest one thing - shadowban exists. They are, however ONLY and only my guesses, so don't take it too much or pass it on. I don't want this to be one of those cases where facts and myths about Instagram are created.

Instagram bots

More and more people are aware that bots on Instagram exist and are doing well. I tested the bot on IG myself (I wrote about it in the post about don't treat your reader like idiots, I cited this post above) which one of Blogerek now treats as an argument for rebelling others about me. I cordially greet you, because I know that you read our blog and use our advice 🙂 I have never been ashamed of this and have drawn a lot of conclusions and material from this period to speak on this topic (it is known that those who have the most say least knowledge about the topic). Earlier I didn't have such knowledge and I don't regret bot testing, because I like to test something on my own skin than to guess and pass on guesswork.

Instagram flatlay photo

Returning to the issue of bots, I asked the question how Instagram perceives them, whether there is permission to use this type of solutions. The answer probably won't satisfy you, because Instagram has its priorities, and bots (fighting them) are not on the list of priorities yet. Thus, the myth of deleting accounts that use bots is fiction. Of course, I do not encourage you to use this type of activities, but I also want you to know what the official information on this subject is from a person from 'inside'.

Clearing Instagram profiles

For some time, many of you have been reporting to me the problem regarding the falling number of followers. We have a problem ourselves and the numbers are really big (over 1000 accounts in 3 months). It turns out that this is due to empty accounts that have observed our profile or accounts that use the trick follow / unfollow. If the ranges with the falling number of followers are the same (or higher) then Paweł said that there is nothing to worry about. Ok, I'm just wondering how to explain this to an advertiser who only looks at the number of followers? In my opinion, it's best not to cooperate with someone like that. Today, ONLY numbers do not count, but the community involved is more important. Influencer with 6000 followers can generate much better ranges than 26 thousand. observers. It is a pity that not every company has people with knowledge and experience who should know it.


I wonder what you heard facts and myths about Instagram and do you have any questions about social media? If so, write in the comments or on priv.