Sunglasses - how to choose them?

Even before the summer season I'm going to buy decent sunglasses. I've thought about it for a long time, but I've always felt sorry for spending so much money on sunglasses just for the summer season. It is not worth looking at in such categories, because buying sunglasses in chain stores or at the bazaar we expose our eyes to irreversible damage. Needless to say, good quality sunglasses last longer?

I have been wearing for several years computer glasses. I don't have a flaw, but I made a kind of glasses with a bluecontrol coating that reflects harmful blue light. I spend long hours in front of the computer and more than once I had a problem with dry eyes and a feeling of 'sand' in my eyes. I bought eye drops that were supposed to moisturize them, but unfortunately it didn't give great results in the long run. Finally, I decided (at Piotr's instigation) to make glasses for the computer. It was a great decision. Finally, I got rid of the 'dry' eyes. Now the time has come for decent sunglasses that have been on my mind for a long time.

How to choose the perfect sunglasses?

First of all, you need to choose a shape that matches the shape of your face. In case of square face avoid glasses that have angular and wide rims, because they will also sharpen facial features. Posiadaczki triangular face they must avoid square frames, as well as those that are wide and have a darker glass color at the top and lighter at the bottom. This will make your chin pay even more attention.

Happy holders oval faces they have a huge selection. Watch out for too big glasses! In case of round face avoid round and oval goggles, which additionally emphasize the shape of the face. In addition, too narrow and small glasses that will 'die' rather than emphasize beauty are also inadvisable.

Black, large glasses will never go out of style

Classic black Audrey Hepburn glasses will always be a good choice. This model fits most faces, although for slightly long faces it fits best. The advantage of this model is that it gives character to any elegant stylization. I think that it would be the best choice for me, the more that this model was measured some time ago and I felt good in it. Rather, I will choose gray lenses, because I just don't like brown ones.
Black glasses do not have to be ordinary. Increasingly, I come across models that have a decorative element on the inside of the temple or the temple itself is different than the frame. It's also an interesting option when we can't decide whether to choose black or speckle glasses.

Frames with spots and other decorative frames

A very fashionable frame model is decorated with spots. Even Piotr wanted to buy such everyday holders, but eventually he decided on black, classic. Still, he thinks about such frames in the case of sunglasses. I will not say, for everyday sunglasses this model does not quite suit me, but for sunglasses definitely yes.
Frames with decorative elements are also interesting (e.g. the golden element above the correct frame).

Bet on the color

Sunglasses don't have to be black. Just because I like it doesn't mean you have to. There are so many beautiful glasses in different colors. Neutral bored, or maybe bold red flies? The choice is yours.