Update: problem skin care

problem skin care

I have not done a face care update on my blog for a long time. I have been emphasizing for many years that my skin is problematic and I owe its "perfect" appearance to Asian BB cream Dr. G Bright +. When I had a lot of pimples and my face looked terrible I used the Pore + version of the same cream (Dr G) which is intended for acne skin.

At the end of March, I took off my fixed camera, so after more than a year's break I could go back to using darsonval. I am really happy because this device still makes a huge impression on me. With regular use, my skin repays with less imperfections and a healthy appearance.
Below I will describe to you the exact skin care step by step.


I wash my face in the morning colloidal silver. I don't wash my face because my skin doesn't like contact with water. I wash my face once a week sonic toothbrush from Tchibo (on Tuesdays or Wednesday), and on the weekend I do peeling with Sylveco cleansing peeling.
Then I apply the cream. If I leave the house it is Dr G Bright + BB cream if I do not leave or do not need more coverage - I use Mizon All in One snail cream. I don't put any other cream under BB Dr G cream.

Make-up removal is the basis for face care

I make makeup removal with Alterra oil or Resibo makeup remover oil. I make makeup removal with Alterra oil using cotton pads (I use it like removing makeup lotion or other similar product). The second phase of makeup removal is use Sylveco linden micellar fluid. The final phase is an additional face wash with a cotton pad soaked in colloidal silver. I don't put anything on my face until the evening. From the make-up removal to evening care, my skin rests.

Evening treatments

In the evening, I rinse my face with colloidal silver and pat my face and neck Mizon snail slime serum (3x weekly) or GlyskinCare hyaluronic serum (4x weekly). I wait and tap for a moment Bandi cream with almond acid.

Additional treatments

2 x a week I put a mask on my face. I learned to listen to my face, so when I see that I need relaxation - I put algae on my face (clean algae. Don't put these algae-like masks on). When my complexion shines too much, I put multani mitti clay from liniment on it. I mix clay with green tea hydrolate.
2 x weekly (not on the same days when I apply the mask) I use darsonval. I've written a lot about darsonval on the blog, so I won't repeat myself. If anyone is interested in this device - please refer to posts: click


There are several new products in my care, including company cosmetics Mizon. Nevertheless, I have been using BB Dr G cream or Bandi cream with mandelic acid for years and I do not intend to give up on them. I belong to this group of people who, if they find their favorites, stick to them (unless women's curiosity wins, then I test the novelty 😉).

Fighting acne with a male eye

Unwanted, disliked, hated. He always drives us crazy. Acne, because we can talk about it, can occur as youthful, mature, induced or professional. Its varieties can be exchanged a dime a dozen.

acne skin treatment
Fighting acne

By way of introduction - the story described below has one goal: to motivate all those who have already tried to fight but who died in battle. I will prove that you must never give up and pursue your goal. In the period of getting, I never had major problems with my complexion. Everything changed when I entered adult life. Studies, work, stress, diet. Each of these elements had a negative effect on my body. Acne was getting worse when I was experiencing stressful situations.
Visits to the dermatologist did not bring the intended effect. Only for the duration of the treatment improvement was visible. The face was muted. Later it was time to use products with acid from the Bandi series. The effect was satisfactory, but after a few months the problem with acne intensified. When I thought that I had exhausted all the possibilities - in the beauty salon I found out what mistakes I made in daily care. In my case, the wrong wheel was to use products that caused excessive drying of the skin (including acids). During puberty, the biggest sin was my use of whitening paste (yes, yes to teeth) in order to dry acne lesions.
My skin type is combination skin. That's why I tried to get a matte skin effect all the time. The problem is that bad habits led to a worsening of the skin and new inflammation. At first I was not convinced how to oily and already oily skin? And yet it was worth it. Thanks to a series of treatments, Mrs. Iwona did wonders. The problem I was struggling with for a long time disappeared within two months.
I must admit that if it wasn't for the fact that I co-run a blog on such topics, I probably would not go to a beautician for a long time. Believe me, dear gentlemen, it is a shame not to be taken care of than to go to a professional cosmetician.
Let's not hide, but our appearance on the impact on our interpersonal relationships. We feel better and more confident. In business contacts, a healthy and well-groomed appearance also has a better effect on our perception. Unfortunately, that's the truth and I'm not afraid to write it.

What should you do if you have skin problems:

  • go to a dermatologist / professional cosmetician,
  • conduct an interview / consultation,
  • regularly attend cosmetic procedures,
  • introduce new habits and be persistent.