8 advice to avoid overhangs

Body care is not just taking care of smooth skin or regular peels. We often forget about some parts of our body, including feet, hands and bust.
How many of you remember about moisturizing delicate breast skin? And how many of you are satisfied with the size of your bust? I presume that there will be people who answered: "I don't".
In short ... so that the bust in old age does not hang down to the knees, you need to take care of it now.
Fortunately, the appearance of the bust can be improved a little. Of course, I'm not talking about plastic surgery, because as you know I am not in favor of this type of surgery. However, there are less invasive methods that will firm the bust and improve its appearance, and even enlarge it a little (yes, my dear, you read it right!).
Remember, however, that to achieve the intended effects, you must be patient.
1. Total push up!
My cosmetic number one when it comes to firming and care for the bust is the Eveline Extreme 3D serum. This product has been with me for many years and trust me that you can see the effects with regular use! The bust is toned (raised) and the skin is moisturized. There is nothing to count on miracles, because the A cup does not make C (which is a pity ...), but actually it comes a few cm. circuit:)
2. A good night's sleep
To keep your breasts looking nice, it is not recommended to sleep on your stomach, as there will be too much pressure on the breasts, which may cause irreversible deformation! Leave your men sleeping on their stomach 🙂 In addition, women with large breasts should sleep in a bra. However, it is worth giving up the underwired bra, because the underwire can cause bruising.
3. Linseed and sesame
These grains have phytoestrogens that can stimulate the growth of mammary glands. It's worth adding salads or making sesame paste with the addition of linseed.
4. Herbal infusion
Just pour a glass of water into a bowl, add a tablespoon of cumin, a spoon of licorice, a tablespoon of dill and anise. Mix and boil the herbs. After boiling, strain through a strainer. We drink the decoction best 2 times a day.
5. Red clover tea
Pour a teaspoon of dried red clover with a glass of warm water. Drink one glass every day.
6. exercises
You can also strengthen your bust with exercises. The most effective exercises are: women's push-ups, yogi position.
7. supplements
This item is the most controversial in me. I have never used this type of products, which is why I have no opinion about them.
8. Homemade breast firming mask
I rub the 1-2 apples on a grater with very small eyes, add 3 drops of lemon juice. Add a teaspoon of oil to the mush (can be coconut, linseed, etc.). Apply on bust for 20 minutes. Wash alternately with warm and cold water.