Curly hair care, or how to tame curls

Recently, I got a lot of compliments about my hair. It's really very nice. A lot of curly-haired people asked me to write about how I care for and style my hair. Are you curly hair This post is for you. And if you don't have curls, take a look at ours an Pinterest board with the most beautiful hair inspirations.

At the end of this article, I will list all hair care and styling products that I use so that everything is in one place. In this article, in a word, you will learn how to tame curls.

A short history of my curly hair

Like all curly hair, my hair also has a bad hair day. This is quite common for this type of hair and we have to reckon with it - curly hair often lives its own life (especially when you really care about making it look perfect).

My hair is thin and very delicate, but there are a lot of them. They are always very susceptible to stylizations, and a small amount of work allows me to get a satisfactory turn from them. In this article I will tell you not only how to care for and style my hair, but also what products I currently use to wash or style (or rather knead) my curls.

hairpin with pearls

Remember that curly hair must be given to specialists, preferably those who specialize in curls. Poorly cut curls may look good just after cutting, but as your hair grows back, the nightmare may begin. I've had it a few times and that's what I can definitely tell you - if you see a hairdresser approaching your curls with thinning scissors ... RUN!

Curly hair care

Washing curly hair can be described as a ritual. It is not as easy and fast as for straight hair, because curly hairs like OMO (conditioner-washing-conditioner) the most. This method is also loved by my hair, but I have modified my OMO washing method a little and I will tell you how.

I usually wash my hair every 2 days, sometimes it happens every day. However, I plan to reduce their washing frequency to 3 days. If I do not wash my hair, I make vinegar rinse - a tablespoon of vinegar, for me horsetail from Moja Farma Urody, 500 ml water. With such a mixture, I rinse my hair, which refreshes it, restores the curl and makes the hair shiny. If I do not have time to wash my hair, I pour the mixture into an atomizer bottle and spray the entire length of the hair, then after drying, apply aloe gel. This is my emergency version that always works. But then you need to give 250 ml of water and half a tablespoon of vinegar so that its smell is not so intense.

Currently, I use Fitomed shampoo for dark hair to clean my hair. I used it centuries ago and I remembered that my twirls liked him a lot. First, I put a kallos color mask on my ear hair and knead curls. Then I rinse off the mask, and clean the scalp (scalp) with fitomed shampoo (it's very delicate). Finally, I put the kallos color mask on the whole length and use it like a shampoo. When I do not have time for this whole process, I only use the full length kallos mask (I limit myself only to kallos hair washing, without shampoo).

After thoroughly rinsing the hair, I apply a Biovax mask (my hair loves the oil version) over the entire length of the hair. It's also the time when I comb my hair with a tangle teezer brush (we never comb the curls when they are dry because we have hay on our heads), put the cap attached to the package and then wrap the turban. I hold the mask for approx. 10 minutes, after which I rinse it thoroughly.

Styling curly hair

I like it best when my hair dries naturally. Then they have the best turn, but it is not always possible (of course, in the winter I dry my hair so as not to get pneumonia), then I dry my hair dryer with diffuser with ionizationbut not completely dry. I leave my hair gently damp to dry itself.

When the hair is dry, I crush the aloe vera gel (without any additions). I use it instead of a drugstore hair gel that dried my hair a lot because it contains alcohol (aloe gel works just like a regular hair gel bought at a drugstore).

curly hair curl care

My hair has a problem with reflection from the root (unless I help them a lot), usually on the top of the head they are quite tight, so I increase their volume by lifting strands from the root and gently spraying it with L'oreal fix anti frizz varnish (it works great also on rainy days). This varnish knows how to tame curls.

Very often I use hairpins with pearls so that my hair doesn't fall on my face (I don't like it very much). This is not only a great way to tame curls, but also such a hairpin will be a great addition to the styling. see also review of the most fashionable hair ornaments.

Hair care and styling cosmetics that I use:

  • Kallos Color for washing hair
  • Fitomed shampoo for dark hair /
  • Biovax Mask Natural Oils / Biovax Mask Bamboo & Avocado Oil
  • Horsetail vinegar My Farm Beauty
  • Holika Holika Aloe Gel
  • L'oreal fix hair spray anti frizz power 4
  • Henna Khadi dark brown / black (once every six months / year)

In the case of the Biovax Mask, I can't always find the Natural Oils version, that's why I use the Bamboo & Avocado Oil version, which is better available.