Korean masks on cotton sheets

Korean masks on cotton sheets
Korean masks on cotton sheets
Koran masks on a cotton sheet make a sensation. And I'm not surprised, because they are much better than their European counterparts. In today's post I would like to show you a few differences that I noticed using the Mizon cotton mask and Skin79, and recommend my favorites. Ready?
The first difference I noticed is soaking with the care product. Korean masks are soaked that they drip. This is a plus in two respects - first, our skin receives a large dose of ampoule, which makes the difference after the first use. Secondly, instead of disposing of the remaining liquid (a lot of it is left in the packaging), we can use it as a ampoule for the night for several days.
The second plus for me is that the cotton patch of Korean masks is smaller. It's a plus for me, because I have a slim face and every European mask was too wide for me.
As for my favorites, there are several Mizon masks: with green tea (my great favorite, which I regularly return to), with avocado and pomegranate. These are my three wonderful ones that I can always count on.
With Skin79 I tested the shower glow - a set with a mask that gives the effect of brightened, healthy skin. It is worth to treat yourself to this on a day off or weekend, because it requires a little more time than with a standard cotton mask. Nevertheless, the effects are really good 🙂

Korean beauty secrets

Korean beauty secrets
(Secrets of the beauty of Korean women, Asian cosmetics)

For the huge test packet from Mizon Polska, I received the book 'Secrets of the beauty of Korean women'. I wanted to read it for a long time, because the perfect skin of the Korean women did not give me peace. How do they do that without wrinkles? That even in middle age they manage to preserve their youthful appearance? The secret is in care.

The book is written in a very light style, thanks to which it is read quickly. In addition, it has pictures that clearly show some complexion problems. Thanks to the book, I learned about multi-stage skin cleansing - first cleansing with oils, and then face cleansing gel.
I got to know some interesting care techniques, and also learned how the essence differs from serum and ampoules (honestly? I've always confused these 3 products!), And why Korean women don't have wrinkles. The answer is simple - they use good cosmetics as well as sunscreens.

10 step-by-step skin care seems to be very labor-intensive? Thanks to this book you will understand why it is worth using it

In the first chapter we learn the story of the author - Charlotte Cho, who loved lounging on the beach. Unfortunately, I belonged to this group as the author - I thought of tan as a must have every summer season.
I really like that in addition to the planned skin care plan (in chapter 7), the author also recommends specific cosmetics. This is a great help for those starting Asian care.
The chapter on skin types is also precise - thanks to it it is easier to determine what complexion we have and what it needs. I recommend the book to everyone who wants to delve into the subject of Asian skin care.