The best ointment for purulent acne

It is true that I won the fight against acne, but from time to time purulent pimples appear on my face.
I don't know what is caused, but I am effectively fighting it. Ichthyol ointment works very well as an aid to this fight. Although its specific smell may be rejected, it is worth having it in your medicine cabinet.
How to use Ichthiol ointment so that it brings the best results?
As I wrote above, from time to time a purulent friend jumps on my face. Most often these are the chin area, which is the most problematic area on my face. Here, even one inaccurate cleansing can cause a pimple to appear on the face.
Very often purulent pimples (with white heads) appear before menstruation. However, I cope with them with ichthyol ointment.
Ichthiol ointment is the cheapest and most effective way for this type of pustules. This product has many applications (among others, it can be used when you have a sliver that cannot be removed), but above all it is great at dealing with purulent inflammation of the skin.
Purulent pimples have the fact that they accumulate terribly when accumulating pus. When you notice a white pimple on your face, I recommend applying a thick layer of ichthyol ointment to it. It's best to put an ordinary patch on this layer and wait. These types of treatments are most effective at night.
So dear Lord, if you want to get rid of the giant purulent pimple, just smear it with a thick layer of ichthyol ointment (after cleansing the skin), and then put a patch on this place. In the morning you will wake up and you will not believe your eyes. There will be no sign of the pimple. Now the place after the ointment is enough to wipe with a paper towel and wash the face with a delicate face wash gel.
Be careful not to get dirty with this ointment, because dirtying is very difficult to wash off ... I took care of one of my blouses.
I recommend it because this product saved me more than once.