Three coffee services, two teapots and four pairs of tights

Recently I was wondering if there is a sphere in which I can not persevere in minimalism? It is, or more precisely, my corner cabinet, in which I keep dry food. I have the impression that there is always too much of something.
Always opening this cabinet, I think that this is definitely not a minimalist example cabinet. I don't know why, but when I go shopping and see, for example, chia seeds - I never remember whether I have a package at home that is full or one that you can't pick anything out of. And I know that although I will use an extra pack of chia seeds in a few weeks, I still spend money on something that I didn't have to spend on it at the moment.
And despite the fact that I have a shopping list with me on planned purchases, there are also unplanned ones and then I stand and think about the product. I throw it in the basket, but then it turns out that I have a full package at home, which has not even been opened. I would like to have my pantry, in which I could keep the products "in stock" without worrying about space. I think that thanks to this I could also control the ingredients that I have. Everything would be in my sight.
Talking to one of my friends, I found out that he has three teapots. Hearing this, I began to wonder what the hell of her three new teapots. The answer I got was simple: if one breaks, I have another in store. I got the teapots as a wedding present and they lie there.
I just wonder how old the kettle is and what are the chances that it will use the next three in the next few years. Properly? Chances are poor.
I noticed that a lot of older people have a problem with stuff cracking. Especially when they lived in a period where there was nothing in Poland. Today, they are hamsters because they like to have a lot, or maybe fear that those times will come back.
I wonder how is it with your objects?