Snail on the face - Mizon cream All In One

Mizon cream All In One

I have heard about the Mizon brand a long time ago, but the products of this company were always poorly available. When I got the proposal to test cosmetics of this brand from Mizon Polska, I was very happy.

The first to go was All In One cream because I was most curious about it. I asked among friends, read opinions about him and my curiosity was even greater. A lot of girls are very good about him ... and how was it with me?

The All In One cream contains 92% snail filtrate and has firming, anti-wrinkle and repair properties. Works effectively on discoloration.

The product is odorless and its consistency is slightly mucous (actually like snail mucus;)).
I tested the Asian cream all over the face and neck. I applied a thicker layer to the pimple (subcutaneous lump, which in time turned into a purulent pimple), which popped out on my temple, and after three days there was no trace of it. There is also no discoloration - you can hardly see a pimple ever being there.
The cream absorbs quickly, leaves no layer. It mattes my skin very well, so much that I apply less and less recently BB cream, because the skin looks so good (only for larger outputs when I want to unify it).
After using 3 cream I noticed the first changes on my face. The skin is actually toned and has gained shine, which can be seen with the naked eye. The discoloration that I had on my chin (quite large) began to brighten and I don't even know when it became invisible. They disappeared !?
I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to test this cream. Once again I found out that Asian cosmetics are second to none.