Computer glasses with bluecontrol coating

You can't hide that I spend hours in front of the computer. My profession is based on computer work. Added to this is blog and pleasure. In total, I spend over 10 hours a day in front of the monitor, which makes my eyes dry and tired. I used moisturizing drops or took breaks, but over time it stopped helping.
After talking with my husband, we decided that I would make zeros with a blue control coating, about which Piotr wrote here (click). It was a hit, despite the fact that at first I didn't believe Piotr that it would actually do something.
BlueControl coating is good for anyone who spends many hours in front of a computer. Hoya BlueControl lens means that blue light does not get into our eyes (smartphones, computers, television, and even some light bulbs), which means that our eyes do not get tired even after many hours.
I made glasses in the same salon as Piotr, which gave me a discount on my pair. I didn't want to take the cheapest frames, but the ones that I like. I knew they were supposed to be black and elegant.
I thought I would spend hours at the optician's, while I chose my frames in 10 minutes. I tried on a few more pairs, but I decided on the first ones I put on my nose. I felt the best in these and I also looked pretty good.
I don't regret my decision. Although the cost of the glasses was quite high (PLN 650 for frames and blueControl lenses) - my eyes gained great comfort. Even after a dozen or so hours in front of a computer, TV and smartphone, when I take off my glasses, I have the impression that my eyes are rested - as if I had just opened them.