Back to the past

Over the past six months I have been intensively testing new cosmetics. However, the time came when I decided it was time to go back to my favorites.

In this way, after testing several conditioners and hair shampoos, I returned to the proven one amli powder and oil as well Sylveco oatmeal shampoo.
As for the face, I returned to my beloved cream Bandi with mandelic acidwho managed to change packaging during this time. Now it is in a gray box (not like before in white), so I had to ask for help in finding it. Has the composition changed? I haven't checked it yet, but its consistency is a bit different.
Earlier Bandi cream it was very light, now I have the feeling it is more substantive. I hope my complexion will like it in a changed version.
I also returned to the cream BB Dr G hydra intensivewhich again began to be available. Unfortunately, it's a bit too bright for me now, so I'm looking for a replacement for the summer. Maybe Skin79 pink or purple? If any of you have used puprple or pink BB cream, let me know what you think of them. I am very curious because I have never had contact with Skin79 cosmetics. If you know BB creams with darker shades than Dr G hydra intensive, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Is testing of cosmetics bad?

Thanks to the tests I got to know some great products, including a cotton sheet mask Mizon green tea, Vita Lemon peeling or butter covering Pat & Rub. These 3 products will definitely "come" to my cosmetician permanently.
There were also a lot of sellers, e.g. Argan Oil Glyskin Care eye creamwhich I completely did not like. There were also several hair masks that made hay on my head, as well as 2 shampoos including Alterra, which caused me hair loss.
I do not limit myself to testing cosmetics, but it is good to go back to proven products after some products have failed us.