New in hair and face care

Some time ago, some new natural products appeared in the care of my face and hair. Thanks to Nissiax83 I found the perfect product again, this time with micellar fluid for the face. Thanks love!

natural body care
1. Sylveco linden micellar fluid
I use it to remove makeup. I've used it so far Bielenda Cotton i Bielenda AvocadoHowever, its composition was not very natural, so I was looking for something different. I still use Bielenda for Beauty Blender washingbecause it works perfectly well.
Sylveco micellar fluid it washes away makeup, even BB cream or mascara. I was worried about him because I used to use natural micelles and he couldn't handle his ink completely. This product works perfectly. It doesn't irritate my eyes, which I was very keen on (Bielenda recently started irritating my eyes. In spring and summer my eyes are very sensitive due to allergy to pollen). I bought the product at the Drogeria Natura in Gdańsk Główny.
2. Rebuilding wheat and oat shampoo
My hair began to whim and the shampoo Hipp like he never started to tangle them. When buying micellar lotion, I also bought Sylveco shampoo. It is very delicate and at the same time is not as dumb as some natural shampoos. My head is not itchy, which, unfortunately, often happened after ordinary shampoos. Nicely refreshes the hair, after washing it is smooth and soft. I bought the product in the shop as above.
3. Petal Fresh Age-defying hair conditioner
My beloved Garnier conditioner was deleted after I found out that they tested on animals. I had no idea about it, but I would definitely never go back to it. Animal welfare is more important to me!
Petal Fresh conditioner is much more efficient than Garnier, and it also has a great composition. It doesn't weigh hair down, which I was afraid of. Works great with Sylveco shampoo.
I bought Petal Fresh conditioner in Rossmann.
4. Kneipp bio oil
I use oil not only for body care, but also apply a drop to the face. My face really liked him a lot (strangely enough, because all oils caused clogging). The oil heals all wounds well, accelerates the disappearance of pimples. My face amazes me sometimes, but in this case it's a plus.
As you can see, it has changed a bit when it comes to care, I returned to natural cosmetics because they serve me best. I still use Cetaphil for face cleaning, and colloidal silver for evening cleaning. There has been no change here, although I am tempted by a more natural face wash gel ... maybe something from Sylveco? For now, I have another Cetaphil pack in stock, so I will think how this product will end.

And oil is!

As you know, I'm a fan of all kinds of oils. I usually use babydream olive oil (for the night), but I needed something "lighter" for the day. Kneipp bio oil came to my aid.
bio oil kneipp
I didn't know this company so far, that's why I was very happy when I got the offer of cooperation.
The manufacturer promises that this oil will improve the appearance of the skin in the case of:
  • scars
  • stretch marks (e.g. in pregnant women)
  • mature skin
  • dry, damaged skin
Composition: Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil **, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil **, Limonene *, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil,
Citral *, Linalool *, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Tocopherol.
* from natural essential oil
** from controlled organic farming
I liked this product mainly because of the smell. The distinct aroma of olive oil as well as the aroma of grapefruit is a great joy for my nose. Interestingly, the fragrance stays on the skin for some time.
bio oil kneipp reviews
The oil is quickly absorbed. With a thorough massage without leaving a sticky layer.
Plus for the packaging. We will find a dispenser in the neck of the bottle, thanks to which too much product will not flow out of the packaging.
As for the action: it moisturizes the skin very well for many hours. With regular use, I noticed that the skin is less dry. Does it firm? To be honest, I didn't notice this effect. Just like improving the appearance of the skin where there are scars. I have one (old) scar after a dog bite. Has her appearance changed anyway? Unfortunately not.
However, it has two big pros. The first for accelerating wound healing. I had a small meeting with a kitchen knife. When cutting mushrooms, he slipped out of my hands and hurt my finger badly. After the blood stopped flowing I rubbed the oil (I do it one day already), the wound heals quickly. After just one day she was sealed!
I also really liked putting this oil on my face. After removing your makeup, I literally apply one drop of the oil to your face, wait a minute for it to be absorbed, and wash off any excess with a dry cotton pad. I have the impression that the skin is deeply moisturized, and minor imperfections disappear faster! There are no new pimples, and I have always said that my complexion + oil = evil.
I recommend the product for daily care. The fragrance really pampers, making the use of this oil very pleasant.