How do I care for my hair?

As I've probably told you more than once - my wavy curls are a very capricious type of hair. That is why I use a rather complicated type of care at first glance. For me it seems quite simple, because I have already got used to it. Hair care gets into the blood over time and we stop noticing in SLS shampoos in stores, whether we manage to save time on a hair mask.
hair care
Medium porosity hair needs special cosmetic treatments. In addition, they are mixed, which is why I try to clean the scalp and moisturize the ends (without weighing the hair on the scalp). Unfortunately, I have not found a normalizing shampoo so far, which is not expensive, and above all there is no SLS.
I will tell you a little about how I care for my hair and what works best for it.
1. I wash my hair with delicate shampoos without SLS. Currently it is Alterra shampoo with papaya and bamboo. When it comes to shampoo, I change this product quite often, and choose, among others: baby dream, alterra (various types), Johnsons 3 shampoo in 1, Facelle liquid green.
2. I wipe my hair with a cotton T-shirt. Since I started using this patent my hair is not so rough and it doesn't get tangled anymore. In addition, the curls are more elastic than after using a towel.
3. My beloved hair conditioner is Garnier conditioner with avocado oil and karite butter. My hair loves this product, so I don't change the conditioner yet.
4. As a mask, I use the Lee Stafford Growth mask (as I wrote recently - I implemented the annual hair growth plan for the wedding), which I will review soon on the blog.
5. At least once every 2 weeks I apply oil, if I do not do it often (once a week) I try to save at least 3-4 hours so that it "sits" on my hair. I often leave oil on my hair overnight (then I put on a hair turban [so that I don't have to put a towel on the pillow], which I once received from M.).
6. For hair styling, I use birch water or cream or both (I spray the hair with birch water first, and how dry I style them with Isana cocoa butter - you just have to be careful not to use it too much, because we can get the effect of too heavy hair, which they will look greasy).
7. I use hairspray only when I have to (at the weekend I try to give my hair a rest and I use nothing but hair conditioner and possibly birch water or cream), and if that's what I'm trying to use in really small amounts. I am faithful to Syoss Volume nail polish.
8. Every day I wear loose hair, but at home I always tie it with an organic cotton elastic, which is definitely milder for our hair. In addition, there is no metal connection, so it does not pull out the hair.