Make-up remover with Resibo oil

Thorough makeup removal is the basis of skin care. Often, the reason for imperfections or "clogging" is inaccurate washing of the product. Not once have I come across opinions that a product is clogging. Yes, it may be, but in most cases it turns out that inaccurate makeup removal was just done.
Resibo oil makeup remover reviews
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For a long time I have been removing makeup mainly with oils. This does not mean, however, that I do not use micellar fluids.
Oil Resibo I was tested for cooperation. I chose what I want to test myself, and since I have long been curious about this product - the choice was simple.

The product's composition includes Abyssinian oil, Manuka oil, Linseed oil, Grape seed oil, Tocopherol - vitamin E. I smell mainly linseed oil in the smell of the oil.

The product is suitable for all skin types. Interestingly, after using it my mixed skin with the problematic T (oily) zone is adjusted and I have the impression that it stays matt longer.

The product is obtained in a cardboard tube, which in itself is so cool that I could not throw it away - now it serves as a box for cotton pads (it is the perfect size). This is called recycling 😉 The tube can also be used to hold brushes or lipsticks.

This cosmetic is used to remove makeup not only the face, but also the eyes. In my case, although it was great for mascara, it unfortunately caused a slight irritation. So when it comes to eye makeup removal - I will stick to micelles.

The oil is applied to slightly moistened skin. I do the first step of make-up removal, so I extract the oil on my hand, I mix it up with water and make-up removal. Then, as recommended, soak the attached microfibre cloth in warm water and use it to gently wash the oil along with makeup residue.
Resibo makeup remover cloth

After each use, I attach the cloth included in the Alterra soap to your hands or other delicate washing liquid.
The cosmetic is great at washing not only BB cream, but also blush. The skin after removing makeup is perfectly cleansed. I also use oil for daily face cleansing (when I don't have BB cream and other cosmetics). It also works very well in this role.


Resibo makeup remover oil is not only original packaging appearance, but also effective (natural!) Action. In my case, it worked perfectly and even managed Asian BB cream, which is not one of the easiest products to wash (due to the composition).

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