What for magnesium deficiency?

what a magnesium deficiency

A few years ago, thanks to the prescribed medicine for cystitis, I washed away magnesium from my body. Later it turned out that I am allergic to this drug, but not about it today, but about magnesium. I started taking magnesium with potassium, magnesium spasm and other inventions.

Nothing helped, cramps took me in both legs at the same time (thighs and calves). I cried out like never before. I could not sleep. The only position in which I did not take cramps was sleeping in a sitting position or with a large lift under my knees. I have never experienced anything like this. I couldn't walk, I couldn't sleep. I prayed that it would pass.

Magnesium oil for what helps?

He came to my aid magnesium oilwho was recommended by several people on one of the internet forums. Magnesium oil is sprayed directly onto the skin, as is known through the skin to be absorbed faster and more effectively than when using tablets. In the case of extreme magnesium deficiencies, you can spray up to several doses at a time. I apply magnesium oil before bedtime (4 splashes) to the bends of my arms and legs. If I feel that a contraction wants to catch me somewhere, I spray this place 2 times and rub in the oil for a few seconds.

Magnesium oil dosage

According to the manufacturer's instructions, the dosage looks like this: 1ml Zechstein saturated magnesium chloride solution contains 103mg pure magnesium. In the Swanson product, Magnesium oil 1ml is 8 full of atomizer presses. For example, 8 showers fall on 1ml concentrated magnesium oil (31% RDA), 32 showers provide 412mg pure magnesium.

Itching after applying magnesium oil

At the first application, itching may occur. This is completely normal. That is why at the beginning it is worth to mix a little oil with water. Itching after application does not occur in everyone. However, if you have delicate or thin skin, you can expect this to happen.

Where to buy magnesium oil?

Since the time I use magnesium oil, the contractions have passed. It is worth taking an interest in this product, the more that magnesium is better absorbed in this form than tablets sold in pharmacies. I bought Swanson magnesium oil at the Gemini online pharmacy. It cost about PLN 40 / 237 ml. The product is very effective and efficient.