2015 June favorites

Hello girls!
Today I would like to share with you cosmetics that delighted me last month.

He became one of them Sylveco linden micellar fluidI met thanks to Nissiax83 (which I cordially greet!). Actually, this micell was the first Sylveco cosmetics I bought, but I know today that it won't be the last. Their cosmetics have great compositions, and in addition it is a Polish company.

I used to use natural targets, but nature was completely out of makeup removal products. It's different with this micelle. It cleans not only mascara and eye shadows, but I also use it for make-up removal (2 stage, after cleansing with oil) of the whole face.

The product not only cleans makeup nicely, but also moisturizes our face. It is also efficient. I bought the bottle in mid-May, and then there is some product at the bottom.

The second favorite is Biolaven cream for the day, which is another product of the Sylveco company. Biolaven is a series of cosmetics with lavender oil that I love. I admit that I was tempted here by the smell and curiosity, because the day cream contains birch sugar. Maybe that's why it smells so beautiful 😉

The cream is a bit too greasy for me, designed for normal and dry skin (leaves a shine and light film). However, this is not an obstacle, because I use it at home after makeup removal. He didn't do anything wrong with my capricious complexion, I also use it under my eyes and it works great here too. It is true that the shadows under the eyes are not brighter, but this is not his role. It moisturizes the skin around the eyes very well.

As a third, but equally effective proved to be tea tree oil. Heals pimples very nicely already in the initial stage of growth. You have to be careful not to overdo the amount of product used, because it is very intense and you can choke 😉 You can also add 1-2 drops to the cream that you apply. I add Biolaven to the cream when my face starts to indulge.