Essential oils and their applications

Aromatherapy, i.e. the use of plants, more precisely their essential oils. This method is often called collagen treatment. These oils are introduced into the body through the respiratory tract or the body.
natural essential oils
I love essential oils. They can wonderfully relax, disinfect or raise immunity.
I used to use them only for the fireplace, but now I also add a few drops to the humidifier.
Candlelight coming out through the holes in the fireplace (stars with me) looks beautiful with the lights off. Then the stars dance on the wall, and this wonderful spectacle is enriched with a beautiful fragrance that comes out of the fireplace.
Essential oils have many uses not only in aromatherapy. They can also be used to:
  • inhalation
  • aromatherapy baths
  • making compresses
  • wraps
  • rinses
  • massage
Today I will only present you the use of essential oils. In the next note about oils I will describe to you exactly how to use oils for specific ailments.
Na cough, cold, runny nose or upper respiratory tract infections it is best to use eucalyptus, pine, picha, tea tree, mint, rosemary, clove and lemon oils.
Na headaches it's best to use peppermint, lavender, geranium, clove, juniper and eucalyptus oils.
Na rheumatic pains and myalgia it's best to use rosemary, pine, clove, and eucalyptus oils.
Na insomnia, nervousness it is best to use lavender, geranium, sandalwood, lemon balm, lemon and ylang oils.
Na cellulitis it is best to use oils: cypress, geranium, grapefruit, juniper, patchouli.
Na skin diseases, acne, mycosis it is best to use tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, geranium and juniper oils.
Na low pressure, lethargy best to use oils: eucalyptus, mint, rosewood, fir.
Na symptoms of overwork, lack of concentration, stress best to use oils: rosemary, lavender, lemon.
Na reduction of body immunity best to use oils: tea tree, pine, thyme, picha, clove.
Na dandruff, hair loss it is best to use lavender, rosemary and geranium oils.
Na excessive sweating, unpleasant skin smell it is best to use bergamot, lemon and cypress oils.
Na skin aging, wrinkles it is best to use geranium, lavender, lemon balm and rosewood oils.
Na effects of insect bites best to use oils: eucalyptus, tea tree, clove, lavender.
Na depressive states best to use oils: orange, lemon, lavender, mandarin, lemon balm, geranium.