The secret of beauty and firming

Skin care, especially based on natural cosmetics is my great passion. When it comes to oils, I'm a huge fan of Kneipp. I loved this company for Bio-oil, which I reviewed the blog last year. It was my big hit (and still is), but it has a worthy competitor - body oil The secret of beauty.

This oil is a blend of argan oil, marula, castor and olive oil. As you know, I love oils and use them in different ways. I also used this one on various body parts. In addition to the standard purpose - moisturizing the body, I also tested the oil for hair, for make-up removal (I use a cotton pad to dispense the oil and wash it with my face like a makeup remover. This is my magic way of washing Asian BB creams. Later I wash my face with Sylveco linden micellar fluid) and instead night cream.

Kneipp oils differ in composition, use and aroma. I recently tested Ylang-Ylang oil, which I did not like the smell of. Nevertheless, it worked well on my skin.

In the case of the oil Secret of beauty, I am in love not only with its properties and smell, but also how my skin reacts to it. It is soft and smooth after it. My hair also fell in love with it - after applying the oil for the night, it is loose and shiny, but not burdened.

The second oil I had the opportunity to test was new - firming oil A beautiful body. Its composition includes grape seed oil and sandalwood active ingredients. I love him mainly for the delicate smell and action. The skin after this oil is soft, smooth and after regular use as if actually more compact (toned). I used the oil on such parts of the body as: calves, thighs, stomach and buttocks. For this product, I did not use it on my face and hair.