How to properly oil the body?

Oiling can be used not only on hair, but also body oil. This treatment brings many benefits, and the skin repays with a healthy look and is also super moisturized.

body oiling

To start with, it's worth finding your favorite oil. I often use almond oil with a few drops of essential oil for oiling (depending on mood and needs). If I want to stimulate my body, I add a few drops of lemon oil. However, when I want to fully relax, I use lavender oil.
A few drops are in this case 4-5 drops on a tablespoon of oil 2-3. How much oil is used for oiling? Usually 5-6 spoons + about 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. At the moment I am doing it by eye.
When buying oil, it is worth paying attention to whether it is refined or not. Unrefined oils are definitely better because they do not lose vitamin E and other properties during juicing. You can easily find such information on the packaging.
The oiling procedure is very simple. Massage the oil and essential oil mixture into the skin, starting from the top of the feet and going up. The most important thing is massage, which is to stimulate circulation and cause better absorption of oil combined with essential oil.
It is worth doing such a massage right after waking up (of course if we have time for it) or before bedtime (it relaxes the body well, preparing it for sleep). We do the massage for about 15 minutes, taking your time now, focusing on each part of the body ... slowly dry and massage thoroughly.
After the massage, I always wipe the excess oil with a paper towel so as not to soil the clothes or bedding.
I noticed that since I do body oiling, my skin is not so dry, and circulation problems are much less bothersome.
Oiling is done once - twice a week (depending on how much time I have). And if we're already on the topic of oiling, I remind you hair oiling, which has a beneficial effect on damaged hair, as well as for daily care.