Nail oiling - is it worth it?

Po hair oiling, the body it's time to oil your nails. If your nails break, if you are a fan of artificial nails, and after removing them, your natural ones do not look good - this treatment is just for you.
nail oil treatment

What oil for oiling nails?

We can use our favorite oil for oiling nails. For me it is most often Kneipp bio oil or olives babydream fur mama. It may also be a different oil. I especially recommend oil mixtures (in my case it is a mixture of sweet almond oil with Babydream olive).

How to oil your nails

Using a dropper or a small brush, we apply the selected oil to the nail plate (it can be a little more to massage the oil into the cuticles). Now we start rubbing oil into the nail plate, as well as the cuticles. In a word - we relax.
The treatment is performed for about 5-7 minutes (until the oil / oil is fully absorbed). Wipe off excess with a handkerchief.


If we do the oiling regularly (about 2-3 times a week), our nails should soon return the healthy look. I recommend this treatment especially to people who take off artificial nails or take a break from hybrids.