Hair oiling in a nutshell

I have long thought about gathering all information about oiling in so-called pill. Fasting will probably be useful for beginners as well as people who already use oils (you may find that you are making some mistakes).

oiling hair in Poland is making a sensation recently. This treatment comes from India and thanks to my passion for Indian culture - I deepened them with Indian cosmetics, which have been appearing in my bathroom for some time now. At first, however, I will mention beneficial effects of oils - the hair becomes nourished, more prone to styling, the scalp becomes healthier, sebum secretion is normalized, the bulbs are strengthened ... ufff that's probably all ... although I probably forgot about a few things (yes, oils have so many properties that you can't list all).

Who is hair oiling for?

Anyone can oil their hair - in India, oil is applied from a young age to little girls, but also boys (that's why Indians have such thick and shiny hair).

What oil

There are many types of oil - among others amla, coconut, almond, avocado, sesame, corn ... (I did not mention all types, because I would have to spend half a note on it)
Unfortunately, it is an individual matter what type we will choose. My hair is very fond of Amla and I am faithful to her.

Dry or wet oiling?

I use dry oiling, once I used wet oil, but my hair didn't like this method.
You just have to try oiling in two ways and find out which way suits you best.

Does oiling greasy hair?

Oiling does not grease your hair. Although the oil is greasy and it seems that it can make our hair greasy - this is wrong thinking. The oil regulates sebum production.

How often do you use oiling?

Oiling should be adapted to the condition of our hair - for damaged it should be a frequent treatment until you get the dream effect.
If the hair is not too damaged - oil should be used for about a week. I currently use every approx. 2 weeks.
As a curiosity I will tell you that Hindu put oil on hair every day or every other day. It is important to use the oil regularly. Thanks to this we will achieve beautiful, thick hair faster.

How much oil to apply on hair?

Apply enough oil to cover the entire hair, but do not run down the hair.

What shampoo wash oils with?

Such without SLS and silicones. The SLS shampoo will wash away the valuable ingredients that we provide when oiling.

Are there any other uses for oils?

Of course! oils can be used instead of body lotion - for moisturizing or adding a few drops to the face mask. Oils have invaluable properties. You can oil not only hair, but also our body. See post about body oiling.

I think I was able to answer all oiling questions. However, if you still have any doubts - write in the comment under the note :)