The iconic Fur Mama violet olive

Today, the review of the iconic Fur Mama olive from Rossmann (Babydream olive).
The beginnings of our cooperation were not amazing. I had the impression that the olive is extremely blunt for this type of product. Yes, but if we learn to work with her - it gets very pleasant.
First of all, I love the smell of this olive. In my opinion, it smells better than the olives I've used before. It has such a slightly childish - powdery smell. P. equates this smell with sleep, because I usually lubricate the olive oil in the evening, sometimes in the morning.

I love her smell. You can feel the richness of oils in it.
After applying the olive, put the olive on only slightly towel-dried body. Thanks to this, I have no problem spreading it, which I wrote above. When I applied it to a completely dry body I encountered no nice resistance.
The downside is the packaging. not exactly the packaging itself, because the application due to the correct width of the opening in the container means that the product does not spill too much. The only problem is the label, which after a while begins to go away. I recommend tearing it off, which makes it even easier to clean the packaging when something falls outside the container.

Another plus is very simple and how rich composition: almond oil, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, fragrance.
In my opinion, it's a big plus that it has no chemical additives, which can be felt after prolonged use - our body is perfectly smooth and nourished.
olive fur mama

Isana body oil + Fur Mama olive is a recipe for wonderfully moisturized skin, even the allergic one which is very hard to care for.

Recently, I talked with my sister Pi said that it is worth lubricating the body with oil during pregnancy (to avoid stretch marks). To be honest, I don't know how this olive handles stretch marks, which is why I count on girls' comments after pregnancy.
However, I think that when I decide on a child I will definitely use this product.
I also used the olive on my hair, but not on the whole, but only to discipline it in the morning. It works great here as well.
I paid about PLN 10 for my olive oil (I don't remember if there was a promotion or not), also the price is low. The product is very efficient.
Plus is availability - we can get it in every Rossmann.