Plastic surgery - yes or no?

Nowadays, plastic surgery is the subject of many conversations. On the one hand, we have those that can save lives - facial plastic surgery after a burn, plastic surgery of the ear, eyelid or nose with birth defects. On the other hand, we have visual art that is perceived as a fad, and for others something that can change a lifetime. The fact that women have a lot of exaggerated complexes - it is known for a long time (I'm sorry Beloved, it's time to admit it!), But often it is that living with a complex, only surgery becomes any spark of hope.

I do not see anything reasonable in performing abdominoplasty when he is still sweating with sweets, does not exercise, and does not take care of his health. I have seen many cases when people thought about reducing their stomach (it was advised against them) or cutting a piece of belly skin, and ordinary, but rigorous exercise helped. I didn't even expect such effects. All you need is some willingness and self-discipline.

There are no perfect people, and plastic surgery drives only the cult of striving for perfection, which is so much stigmatized by the media.

I do not see anything wrong in plastic surgeries that are necessary (I consider those necessary at the beginning of the note to be necessary), but I think that surgeries that do not need to be carried out are only a sick invention of our brain and are completely unnecessary. Plastic surgery of the face, lifting, correction of the chin, nose, ears, eyebrow raising ... these are just some of the treatments that can be performed in professional plastic surgery clinics.

Such a procedure, of course, does not cost a little ... but if you think about it longer - does the price we pay for the fact that our face, despite its age, looks like 20-year-old, is not higher than we think? There were many cases (the numbers speak for themselves), when the patient did not wake up, whether the recovery lasted much longer than it should. Is it worth risking so much just to accept yourself as you are?

It is sad to see that more people do the following operations to feel beautiful. I don't have to say what the results are - just look at such stars as everyone known Donatella Versace - probably the most tragic example of the desire to be perfect ...

Be perfect

You have to be very careful not to cross this very thin line in the pursuit of perfect beauty, so you can get lost in it so quickly ... plastic surgery can in a sense be compared to addiction - the more often you experience them, the more you want ... Think about it before you will go under the knife because of your crooked nose or too small breasts ...