Home remedies to fight herpes

As soon as my immunity decreases, and God forbid, a runny nose will catch me - immediately a terrible herpes appears on my lips. I belong to a group of people (in Poland it is almost 29 million) that is affected by this disease.
Home remedies to fight herpes
Unfortunately, you can not fight it completely, because it is so. "dormant enemy", but in addition to store ointments such as zovirax, hascovir, we can also use home remedies for this condition.

What factors contribute to the appearance of herpes?

  • overwork
  • stress
  • weakened immunity (e.g. cold)
  • period
  • minor skin damage (cosmetic procedures - chemical peeling, mesotherapy, fillers, treatments using lasers)
  • contact with the sun (especially when sunbathing on the beach)

Stages of herpes formation

Herpes most often appears around the mouth. The first sign of its formation is itching or burning of a specific place. If we can't deal with these signs - the next stage is bubbles.
In my opinion, this is the worst stage, because bubbles are leaking liquid. Then we get herpes.
After some time, the bubbles burst, scabs are formed. When the scabs fall off after herpes usually there is no trace. As if she never was.

How to get rid of her?

Unfortunately, as I wrote - you can't really get rid of it completely, but there are a few home remedies that help fight herpes.
1. Garlic - maybe not very pleasant (smell) way, and also very baking when applied, but it is quite effective. It has antibacterial properties, which is why it helps get rid of herpes faster. Just cut a clove of garlic (juice should come out of it), apply to the place where the herpes is. This method works best for the first ailments, i.e. baking or itching of the place where herpes is to appear.
2. Onion - a little more pleasant when it comes to smell. When applied, it cooks less than garlic. However, I have the impression that the performance is also weaker.
We use as in the case of garlic - we apply the juice to the place of herpes origin, or cut several slices and fill with sugar. Let stand daily and spread with the resulting syrup. Syrup This one is also used in the case of bothersome cough and works much better than any pharmacy syrups.
3. Aloe - we came to my favorite in the fight against everything. Aloe has antibacterial and disinfecting properties, which is why it is worth using it for herpes. Applying aloe juice (leaf) or using tonic (mixed aloe leaf with a glass of boiling water. After an hour, strain through gauze) accelerates wound healing. In addition, there is no unpleasant smell as in the case of using garlic and onions. I also recommend using the tonic to wash the face (works great with acne).
4. Lemon - has antiseptic and cleansing properties. We apply a slice of lemon to the lips where the herpes is formed. This method probably works best already during the development of herpes, and not as in the case of previous points - before the blisters.
5. Honey - my sweetheart, which, like aloe, is my favorite in natural care, and here also in the war on herpes. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect means that it is not indifferent to our enemy.
In addition, it relieves pain, nourishes and regenerates the skin.
The sick place should be lubricated with a thicker layer of honey as often as possible. Apparently linden works best, but I use at the final stage multiflower and also is doing great.
You can add a few drops of fish oil to honey. I don't know, I didn't use it with fish oil.
6. Lemon balm - this time a wonderful herb that has antiviral effects. Just boil the lemon balm bag. Cool and lubricate herpes with it. Lemon balm works well in the early stages of herpes. Later, unfortunately, the effects are quite poor.
7. Tea tree oil - I must confess without beating that I didn't use this method because I can't find real oil on a regular basis. I have encountered some mixes so far.
The oil disinfects wounds and relieves pain, and above all dries it. Accelerates the process of skin regeneration and wound healing after herpes.
Mix a few drops of oil with the cream. We lubricate herpes. We do not apply pure oil, because we can hurt ourselves instead of helping. The oil has a very strong effect.
8. Baking soda - relieves inflammation and rashes. It is sometimes used to treat burns.
Make baking soda by adding a few drops of water. We lubricate herpes.
I do not like this method, because the pulp dries after some time and can fall off by itself.
9. Aspirin - anti-inflammatory, soothes the conditions caused by a virus attack.
Crush the aspirin tablet, add a few drops of warm water until a mush appears (as in the case of baking soda). We apply on herpes. This method has the same minus as soda - it falls off after drying.

10. Vinegar - we go to two ways that I confess I have not used so far and I have some resistance.
The vinegar works like a lemon - it disinfects the wound, so that the herpes virus does not multiply.
It should be lubricated before the occurrence of bubbles (then they are supposedly the best effects). However, we must be careful because vinegar dries the delicate skin of the lips very much.
11. Toothpaste - the fluoride it contains is toxic to herpes. It inhibits cellular respiration. Apply the paste at night (to dry).
I do not recommend this method, because if we have a paste with a lot of fluoride - it can cause tissue necrosis.
For me, this way is too risky.


I hope to help you a bit in the fight against herpes. For the day, I recommend you, my beloved, to use patches (in case we go to work, school, etc.) so that we avoid touching and thus spreading the bacteria.
I forgot to add - I recommend using cotton buds to apply any slurry or even ointment. Touching herpes causes the risk of touching some place on the face and spreading bacteria on it. Be sure to wash your hands after all the anti-herpes treatments (be it pulp or onion).
Also remember not to drink from the same cup or bottle with a person who has herpes. Once infected with herpes, man becomes a lifelong carrier, which usually appears at the least expected moment.
Greetings to all who are currently fighting this trash!
Maybe you have some proven ways to fight herpes?