Ways to easily save money

When I was little, I always had savings. Usually, instead of gifts, I would receive money, which I would hide in my secret cache, which served as a bank account in a children's edition. I was enterprising from a young age and when my parents borrowed unannounced expenses from me, I only borrowed with interest. I had so much financial skill that I always had money for my pleasures, even though I didn't get pocket money.

How to invest wisely
Almost a year ago, when we both lost financial liquidity, Piotr and I found out how important it is to have savings. They saved our ass when we were in a hopeless situation (we wrote about it here). Today we are trying to rebuild the financial cushion in small steps. There is one more expense ahead of us - our own apartment. In the long term, we have retirement savings. And now we will focus on it because a lot of people don't think about the future.

Investing in the future - how to do it wisely

I don't know about you, but I often wonder how to secure my future financially? How to accumulate funds that will allow us for a dignified autumn of life? If you start thinking about these issues sooner, the better for you and your safety. The paradigm has long been outdated: school, work and retirement. I definitely subscribe to the words of Dr. Sergiusz Trzeciak, who writes in one of his books that the school does not keep up with social changes - full-time work gives the illusory appearance of security, and retirement for people who have not secured their future and usually means vegetation. Most of us like to cheat and remain in the comfort zone, shifting responsibility to the school, employer and the state. I assume that you have to take full responsibility for your development and secure your financial resources.
If you collect and multiply your funds, you don't even need to have specialist knowledge right from the start, you don't have to be an outstanding stock market analyst. The most important in achieving financial success in this case is the precise definition of the goal, consistency and determination in the implementation of your plans. You can divide your strategies into short-term, medium and long-term. Believe me, no matter how much you earn, you are always able to invest part of your monthly income. It all depends on our thinking. release file to download, which will allow you to take your first steps in efficient management of your home budget.

Simple ways to save short and long term

In our case, let it be a long-term perspective. From today, our goal is to save for retirement. However, let's take the next step and instead of just putting money away, our funds should work every day so that they do not lose their value. As with daily household budget control, the excel file I wrote about earlier can help you, in this case one of the products offered by NN Investment Partners. We have two saving options to choose from: IKE (Individual Retirement Account) and IKZE (Individual Retirement Security Account) under the so-called 3rd pillar.
pension forecast from ike

If you choose the option IKE, we do not incur fees for opening or maintaining an account. The only requirement is the first minimum payment of 50 PLN. Opting for the second option IKZE, we also have the option of deducting from the amounts paid from income tax PIT and we do not include us commonly called the Belka tax. In this case, we have even greater freedom to invest our accumulated capital depending on the degree of risk we take. We accumulate funds without any tax burden upon completion 65 years old. Of course, you can withdraw previously accumulated funds, but in this case we must pay PIT tax.

IKE or IKZE - what to choose?

Both IKE and IKZE can be set up in financial institutions, but it depends on us how we invest our funds. It is also worth paying attention when choosing savings in the third pillar whether there are fees for opening and maintaining an account. Depending on the institution selected, let's pay attention to the monthly amount we are required to make payments. We should remember that we should have full freedom when and what amounts we want to allocate in a given month. The main thing is to pay attention to the amount of fees related to TFI (Investment Fund Company), which charges fees for managing funds on our behalf.

Savings are the key to financial success

The financial pillow is a big challenge because putting money away is not as easy as it seems. Fortunately, the products offered by NN Investment Partners come to the rescue (including those described above). We do not recommend putting 'in a sock' because such money is very easy to spend (the temptation is that they are close) and lose their value. It is also worth thinking about not only your future (retirement age), but also your children. If you have dreams in the short or long term that you will need money for - start today to postpone the proverbial penny to enjoy your goal in time.

What is not worth saving on?

There are things on which we can save by buying a cheaper product. Today I have prepared for you a list of products that are not worth saving on. From my own experience I know that it is better to buy something once, and decently than a few of poor quality.

1. Shoes

I have not been buying low-quality shoes for a long time. I prefer to spend a little more on them, but enjoy them for several years (such as wedges from Clarks, which I already have 4 year). I am not saying, however, that shoes bought for a dozen zlotys are bad - sometimes they can turn out to be equally durable (such as jazz shoes from CCC). Unfortunately, most shoes at a low price do not last longer than one season.

2. Clothing

He was already on clothes separate post however, I know that this topic is still controversial. You will probably also find supporters of buying cheap clothes that you can buy more. I assume that it is better to have one good quality shirt than a few poor ones, in which a man has already sweated before leaving the house.

3. Food

I couldn't save on food. Maybe not as much as I spend a lot on food, but I am always looking for good quality products (I read the composition of each product that goes to my basket). If something is more expensive, and in the composition I did not find any dyes, preservatives, etc. - I prefer to pay more. You are what you eat!

4. Cosmetics

If something is expensive for me and it is tested and I know that I can count on such a product - it goes to my basket. This point is also controversial, because when it comes to cosmetics, it is not always worth spending large sums of money on them. The price of a cosmetic consists mostly of marketing, and it often happens that a given product does not have any super properties for our skin.
In this case, it is also worth reading the compositions, which is not as difficult as it seems. Soon I will tell you a few ways to read cosmetics compositions easier.

5. Bra

Since I used the services of bra-fitter my life has changed. Of course, like most unconscious girls, I wore a wrong bra size. In addition, when I changed the bra from a power cable to a more expensive and better quality - I immediately felt the difference.
Wearing a poorly selected bra can also have serious health consequences.
If you don't know it yet Triumph bras with silicone underwires - try it out. These bras are brilliant!
I am curious about what you do not save. Be sure to let me know in the comments.