Guy at the beautician's

In today's note, we will break stereotypes about a man's visit to a beauty salon. I think that most guys in the subconscious mind are instinctive of self-preservation. We defend ourselves by saying that it is definitely not male! I don't know about you, but I did;) Even before the wedding, I wasn't persuaded to visit basic manicure or pedicure matters, claiming that I would do it better myself.
Kokopi medi spa
Photographer: Wiolak

There was a breakthrough. Everything thanks to this, maybe I have matured to this decision that a man can also go to a beautician as well as to a hairdresser or a gym. And he has the right to feel relaxed and pleased with his physical appearance. In my case, two factors decided about it - the desire to break the stereotype described above, and I couldn't deal with my complexion anymore.
To this end, I wanted to go to such a specialist who knows what he does. The choice fell on the living room Kokopi Medi SPA in Gdynia.

The first moments in the salon

First of all, as in any professional salon, we will receive the so-called personal questionnaire. We respond to all information. This is helpful when determining the course of action. Warning! If we do not understand certain concepts (after all, we are at the cosmetician's first time and we need to learn new terminology;)) It's always worth asking.
Then a skin diagnosis will be made. The description of the procedure will be explained to us in turn. At the very end, we will be presented with recommended, proper home skin care.

Time for a TREATMENT !!!

In my case, due to numerous facial efflorescence - an Oxybrazia treatment with COLWAY collagen products was planned. The procedure itself begins with double cleansing of the skin with collagen gel. Then followed by toning, a collagen-based tonic.
Such meticulous preparations are followed by a deeply cleansing, moisturizing and oxygenating skin treatment. That's how we can describe the process called oxybrasion. The procedure lasts about 10 min. and is performed under pressure that is adapted to the individual needs of the patient.

oxybrasion of Kokopi Medi Spa
Photographer: Wiolak

During the treatment, our eyes and ears are protected against cold. This is because during the oxybrasion treatment our skin is heavily cooled. In my case, I had a negative pressure of about 6,2 bar. This was due to a prosaic reason - I had to remove blackheads and other deeply embedded facial skin impurities.

After the purification procedure

Finally, Aromaessence YLANG YLANG Purifying serum from DECLEOR was applied. After gently massaging the oil comes a stage where we can "swim away" even more.

Normally a facial massage would be performed, but in my case (due to inflammation) not wanting to spread bacteria all over the skin, Mrs. Iwona (that is the name of the lady who performed the procedure on my skin) performed a neck and hand massage. After such rest, it's time to keep going.

beautician massage
Photographer: Wiolak

At this time, a skin soothing mask will be applied. Which has a little specific smell, but a beneficial effect on our skin.

We go to the last three steps

The first is skin toning known to us from the beginning of the procedure. Collagen is applied to a slightly damp face. When we feel that the skin will naturally be stretched, the last step is to apply the day cream.


My feelings after visiting the beautician are very positive. Will I be back again? Definitely yes ! And certainly a big plus is that the people running the Kokopi salon have a great view and experience. It really can be felt literally the hard way.
Finally, we get very efficient samples of cosmetics used during the procedure. Thanks to this, we can decide for ourselves whether a given product suits us.
It is worth remembering that after the procedure you follow your advice and introduce it to your daily habits.


The day after the procedure, there may or may not be any more spots. It depends on the individual reaction of the skin. The frequency of treatments is recommended individually depending on the client's skin condition. Most often, a series of 3 treatments are performed at 2 week intervals, and prophylactically (as a reminder) 1 is recommended in the month to maintain the effects.
In the next note you will find a description of how my face changes day after day and how it performs after the procedure. At this point I finish one of the longest notes, but it just couldn't be done otherwise. It's really worth taking care of yourself. And a real man is a well-groomed man!

More photos from the procedure can be found on ours Fanpage.

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