Melissa and Mel - what's the difference between them?

Melissa and Mel - what's the difference between them?
(Melissy and Mel - what's the difference between them?)
Melissa - rubber ballerinas, sandals, flip flops and other types of footwear that all of us want to have. You've probably heard of ballerinas that smell of bubble gum and more than once and wondered why rubber shoes are so famous ?! Don't worry, I will answer this question in today's post.

What is the difference between Meliss and Melami?

If you're thinking about buying Melissa shoes, you'll probably wonder what the difference is between Meliss and Melami. I own both models myself and I noticed a few differences that I would like to share with you.
The first difference that is visible to the naked eye is the price. Shoes Melissa are more expensive than Mele. Melissy are made of a different type of rubber, Mele are called a cheaper Meliss 'shard' and are made of less flexible material. As I mentioned at the very beginning - I have both models. Melissa is actually made of a different type of rubber. It's softer than Mel. Melissa also they smell more intensely.
Personally, I am not a fan of this specific fragrance, because it reminds me of children's orbit gum, which I once ate so often that I finally hated it. Now, when I smell this smell, I have unpleasant associations 😉
In addition, Melissy have more models, in the case of Mel there are much less.

Why do girls love Melissa?

Why are so many girls crazy about Meliss? Firstly, because they do not get wet, do not fall apart and they do not fear rain. I have my Mele for the second year and still look like new.
Do Melissa legs sweat?
You probably wonder if Melissa's feet sweat - after all it's gum ... unfortunately yes. For people who have a problem with the thyroid gland, as well as excessive sweating of Melissa and Mele's hands and feet, they can be problematic. Especially when you dress them on a warm day. In this case, putting on ballerina socks is a very good solution.

Are Melissa comfortable?

They are very. Of course, at first they wiped me, but in my case it's inevitable. Every shoe must wipe me off to make them comfortable later (of course there are exceptions ... some shoes are not comfortable even after rubbing). Nevertheless, Mele and Melissa are very comfortable, although as I mentioned in the post - Melissa is more flexible and will work better than Mele for everyday flying around the city.