Dress like a Parisian girl

Dress like a Parisian girl

The style of Parisian women is very simple, and yet each of us would like to learn the secrets of Parisian clothing. Today, as part of the Paris week on our blog, I will tell you a few secrets - how to dress to look like a Parisian. I will also drop some inspirations and ready sets 😉

Classic above all

Thinking about Parisians, one thing always comes to my mind - a classic. Parisians choose things that won't go out of style for a long time. An example is the immortal quilted Chanel handbags.
Each of us should have in the wardrobe: a black handbag (preferably quilted, good quality), black and beige high heels, a pair of jeans and elegant pants, black and navy blue ballerinas, a striped blouse (who does not know the look with black tubes, a striped blouse and He is probably the most associated with the style of Parisians), a white shirt, a black skirt over the knee, a white and gray cotton t-shirt, a black, longer jacket. With these several things we can create several styles that will work on many occasions.
Remember that many styles take on the "wow" effect only after adding a few accessories in the form of a delicate chain, earrings or an elegant watch. Look at the styling below, which is ideal for work and meeting friends. It is simple and elegant.
Parisian style


Less means more

Usually the simplest styles are the most amazing. My favorite everyday set is jeans, a white polka dot t-shirt, plus a jacket and ballerina. Obligatory watch (think that once I did not wear a watch at all, and now I will not move from home without wearing it) and pearl earrings. If you ever meet me at 99% I'll be dressed like that.
I admire women who last for hours on high heels. Maximum after an hour I start to complain that my legs hurt. That is why I usually reach for flat shoes - I like oxfords, Jodhpur boots and ballerinas the most.
Tip: wear a loose, white shirt, jeans and loafers (this may be red wine in autumn). It's such a simple and undemanding look.
dress like a Parisian girl
Choose clothes for your figure
Like a banal thing, but watching people often come to the conclusion that they hurt themselves because they do not wear clothes tailored to the figure. Each of us is beautiful. It doesn't matter if you have extra kilos, not shapely legs or small breasts. Everything can be hidden and emphasize what is worth showing.
I have a small breasts, which is why I never wear blouses with a large neckline. I also don't like V-neck, simple or asymmetrical, because I don't feel comfortable in them. I like the jewelry neckline and the boat. Did you know that the neckline should also be matched to your figure? Often, women forget about it.


The most important point of today's note is this one. Parisians have a lot of confidence and that's why they have this famous Parisian chic. Therefore, it is worth that you wear clothes in which you feel good and confident.
If some clothing does not suit me during shopping, I do not buy it. I used to make this mistake and usually ended up landing in a closet, and in time selling or giving it away. However, it is not always the case that I am sure of something at once. If I come back home and still think about a dress, jacket or pants, it's a sign that it's worth coming back for.
paris chic