Sugar paste hair removal

Today post about sugar paste. This is not a sweet cream with which we will spread a slice of bread. Sugar paste is a mixture of sugar, water and lemon that can be used for depilation.

depilation with sugar paste

I have heard about sugar paste a long time ago, but I have never had the opportunity to test it. Some time ago it was the first time I did it (surprisingly the consistency came out perfect. Many girls have a big problem at first).
First I will give you a proven recipe, and then I will say a few words about the epilation itself.
- 2 cup brown sugar
- 1 lemon juice
- 1 / 4 glasses of water
First, pour sugar into the pot, then squeeze the lemon juice and add it to the sugar. Finally, pour water. We cook about 20 minutes. You will need a little bit of character with this paste, because if you don't burn it, you have to mix it all the time.
Cool (note! The paste is very hot!), Pour into a container (I recommend a plastic one, e.g. after Grycan ice cream (click). Pastes may seem a little, but this amount is enough for us to epilate several times.
sugar paste recipe
I used sugar paste like wax (with depilatory strips that can be bought in a cosmetics store. Mine cost PLN 9 / 100 pieces).
First, we powder the skin with baby powder, then we put a spatula under the hair with a spatula. Press the strip and break in the direction of hair growth (from top to bottom, not like wax: from bottom to top).
Unfortunately, I can't use sugar paste because, contrary to popular belief, that I was not allergic, I had terrible red spots. I don't know if my skin just reacted to the pain or something else was the reason.
And if we're already in pain ... my pain threshold is probably sooo low, because I managed to depilate only one leg, while the other I shaved with a simple razor ...
The effects after the paste are visible to the naked eye, the bar can actually see the hairs that are pulled out along with the bulbs.
Maybe someday I will come back to sugar paste, but at the moment I have apologized with the machine ... I am also thinking about laser hair removal, but I am afraid of the pain that is present during these procedures.
Any of you did laser hair removal? It hurt?