Bean paste with rosemary in French

Bean paste with rosemary in French
Bean paste with rosemary in French

When I met Jadłonomia's blog, I breathed a sigh of relief. These were the beginnings of my veg diet, and as you know the beginnings are the most difficult. This blog is a great treasury of knowledge and ideas for me. More than once I had such days that I completely did not know what to do for dinner. Although I will tell you honestly that I had the biggest problem and I still have breakfast. Fortunately, my salvation is bean paste, which we eat very often.

I don't like sweet dishes, so all porridge, cereal, pancakes, pies, etc. fall off. So I started looking for ideas on how to make your mornings more delicious with delicious food. Of course, Jadłonomia's blog and its delicious pasta came to my aid Garlic and bean with rosemary. Let anyone who has not yet roasted garlic catch up. Roasted garlic has a completely different taste than the one we are used to, and the paste itself is so delicious that when I make it I have to refrain from eating.
However, I don't always have time to cook garlic, so I came up with a faster and simpler version of this paste. It is also very tasty, but of course both pastes taste slightly different (as I wrote above - roasted garlic has a different taste than fresh).
Bean paste with rosemary French recipe
Bean paste with rosemary French recipe

Garlic-bean paste with French rosemary

- two cups of cooked white beans or a can of beans
- a large clove of garlic
- salt
- pepper
- a teaspoon of dried rosemary
- a teaspoon of French mustard
- approx. 1 / 3 glasses of water
Throw the beans into the blender. We add a clove of garlic, season to taste with salt and pepper. Finally, add rosemary and mustard. Pour water over the ingredients. Blendujemy. If the paste does not have a silky consistency during blending, you can add some water. It is not worth, however, to overdo it with water, because then the paste will not be very tasty.