Air bubbles when painting nails - how to avoid it?

This may be a trivial topic, but it seems to me that it is worth moving. Unfortunately, often found, especially when we paint nails quickly. However, there are several ways to avoid this unpleasant phenomenon.
air bubbles when painting nails

Below are some mistakes we make when painting nails and ways to avoid it.
The first mistake we make is applying varnish layers too quickly. If we do not wait for the nail polish to dry - bubbles will appear on our nails and it is quite certain.
The second mistake is applying too thick layer of varnish- taking too much varnish will cause the varnish to mix with air. To avoid this - we take a small amount of varnish and spread it with a smooth movement on the nail plate.
Varnish consistency can also be a reason for bubbles. If the varnish is too thick, we can dilute it with a special varnish thinner.
Why can't you use a cleaner for this purpose? firstly, that it destroys the nail plate, and secondly, it works only once, maximum two times.
air bubbles

Another booster is the usual one shaking a nail polish bottle. Before applying it is better to "roll it" than shake it, because it causes air bubbles inside the package.

By following the above tips, the next time you paint your nails, we will avoid ugly bubbles, and we will get a beautiful and smooth surface.