Zoeva brushes after a year of use

zoeva bambooI got Zoeva Bamboo brushes at the beginning of December 2015. It's been almost a year, I use them. Am I still happy with them? Have I noticed any flaws? Or maybe the bristles began to fall out of them?

I invite you to review brushes Zoeva Bamboo after almost a year of use.

Zoeva Bamboo brushes

As a vegetarian, I decided to go for it Bamboo tube set - vegan. Initially, I wanted to choose the brushes separately, but when I counted the costs, it turned out that it would be much more expensive. The bristles in Zoeva Bamboo brushes are synthetic, very soft. The Luxury Set Vol. 2 includes brushes:
  • 103 Defined Buffer (for applying foundation),
  • 105 Highlight (for blush and highlighter),
  • 109 Face Paint (for contouring),
  • 128 Cream Cheek (cut to pink),
  • 142 Conclear Buffer (to the corrector),
  • 227 Soft Definier (for rubbing eye shadows),
  • 232 Classic Shader (for applying eye shadows on the entire eyelid),
  • 317 Wing Liner (oblique, for dashes)
The set lacked two things - eyebrow brushes, that's why I bought the Zoeva brush (it's a pity there is only one version - black. It's nice as if there was a version matching the Bamboo set) and 228 brush - Creasewhich I mainly use to rub eye shadows on the lower eyelid. It is thinner than those offered in the set, so it works great in this role. I don't need anything else right now.

Zoeva brush damage

I use my brushes everyday or at least several times a week. Not a single brush fell out of even the smallest brush. For the eyebrow brush, which is made of natural bristles, I must point out that it is more delicate and when I closed the tube, one of the hair bent backwards. I had to cut him because he didn't want to go back to his place.
In addition, I didn't notice any injuries when it comes to brushes. The handle was also not damaged, although I regularly brush my brushes. What to brush brushes You'll find out in a moment.

What to wash Zoeva Bamboo brushes with?

Synthetic bristles do not require as much effort as natural. Therefore, in this case, antibacterial soap (e.g. Protex cream) or a mild shampoo is sufficient. I usually brush the brushes twice a week, and when I don't have time to wash - I spray them with the Octenisept antibacterial spray. I also use it after each use, not only on brushes, but also blushes and eye shadows.

See how and how to brush brushes click

After cleaning the brushes, I put brush covers on them (click) that actually cause the drying bristles to stay in place. I suspect that thanks to the covers, the brushes look like new.

Is it worth buying Zoeva brushes?

I am very pleased with the Zoeva Bamboo Luxury Set Vol. 2 brush set, as well as the additional brush I bought (228 brush - Crease) and the eyebrow brush.

The products offered by Zoeva that I have come into contact with are of high quality. Although for many people they may seem expensive - the price is adequate to the quality. If you are still wondering if it is worth investing in good brushes, do not hesitate, because using Zoeva brushes is really a great pleasure.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever used Zoeva brushes and what opinions you have about them.

Makeup brushes part 1

Today I would like to show you the brushes that I use for makeup. You may be disappointed, but I don't have a set of 100 brushes, each for something different, because I just don't feel the need. As you know, I am a cosmetics minimalist and there was a day when I gave up or threw away 80% of cosmetics that I had at home. It was a breakthrough time when I decided I didn't need all this.

I bought my brushes last year. I have heard a lot of good about ecotools, which is why I ordered a set of 4 brushes (smaller version) on the Allegro.

Brushes description (from above):
Kabuki powder brush. I use this brush most often for blush. It is great for this, blush blends nicely with the skin and does not have the effect of pink pies.
I usually use a mineral powder brush to apply stone powder or Paese rice powder. I don't use it often, but only for special occasions.
Concealer brush. Unfortunately, I didn't like this brush at all. It's very rough, that's why I don't use it at all.
Eye shadow brush. This is probably my favorite brush from this set. It is very soft, perfectly rubs shadows.

I keep the brushes in the linen case that came with the brushes. Unfortunately, I will have to find them a different place in time, because the case in one place has broken and despite being sewn, it is torn in another place.

This mini set is quite enough for face makeup, especially now when I use Dr G. BB cream.

The set takes up little space, so it is also great to take on a journey. I would recommend.

What brushes do you use?