3 best scrubs (for face, body and feet)

Today I would like to share with you three of my proven face, body and feet scrubs. I have been using these peels for a long time and I can confidently call them my favorites. I focus on proven products, so at the moment I am not looking for substitutes (well, except for facial scrub, but this is related to the desire to try new products from the same company).

Sylveco cleansing face scrub

My favorite face scrub is Sylveco cleansing peeling. Earlier, I used Soraya apricot peeling for many years, but I decided to look for something with a better composition. The choice fell on Sylveco.
I've been using corundum cleansing peeling for a long time and I'm very happy with it. Its herbal aroma, efficiency and effect after application convince me to buy another pack. You can find a detailed review of this product here
DIY body scrub
I have not used body scrubs from stores for a long time, unless I receive some peeling for testing. My ideal is a very simple peeling of two tablespoons of coconut oil and three tablespoons of unrefined brown sugar (I love its smell). I add a few drops of Etja essential oil to this mix - most often it is grapefruit, lemon or mandarin (especially in the autumn and winter). I massage the body in this way for a few minutes.
If I don't have coconut oil at home, I usually use linseed oil.

Sugar foot scrub with grape and almond oil

I got to know this product thanks to Marta and I fell in love with him to kill. This is probably one of the best foot scrubs I've used so far.
This peeling has not very sharp, but it is very effective particles with which we get rid of dead skin. The product is very efficient and smells beautiful, and it moisturizes the skin without feeling sticky. After using it, your feet will be smooth and your skin will be soft. This product can be bought at Hebe. Last time I came across a promotion and bought it for just over PLN 5.

Apricot Scraper

I still remember this peeling from the time when it was called St. apricot peeling from St. Ives. It was the first cosmetic I bought. I remember it was cheap and easily accessible (Rossmann). From the first use I fell in love with this product. Then I forgot about him, and after many years to come back to him again.

apricot soraya peeling
One day I missed the old St. Peeling Ives. I started looking for him, but in vain. Somewhere on the internet I found information that this scrub has been discontinued, but Soraya has taken over. Apparently, the composition has not changed, and the product has not lost value. I took a chance and it turned out that it is actually the same great cosmetic.
Soraya apricot peeling is available in two versions:
  • with walnut extract for all skin types
  • with willow leaf extract for oily and acne prone skin
I bought it for the second time with walnut extract, I have never used the version for oily and acne skin.
The version with walnut is a good scrub, which can be used not only for facial and hand peeling.
apricot soraya peeling

Peeling is not suitable for very sensitive skin. Mine, even though it is prone to breakouts and often reacts to cosmetics with all kinds of allergies, this product loves.
The cosmetic has a very pleasant, fresh fragrance that makes using it easier.
The product is very efficient. One package was enough for me for six months. Peeling is also not expensive.
This peeling has been with me for a long time, and the fact that I came back to it after years speaks for the fact that it is really worth trying it out.