Cavitation peeling - what is it?

I will tell you about the procedure I went to thanks: P. (a series of treatments at the beautician is my Christmas gift). Well, I decided on a cavitation peeling. At the beginning there was a version of microdermabrasion, but your beautician did not want to risk the effects after New Year's Eve (yes, it could decide that we would spend New Year's Eve at home: P).

That is why I trusted the beautician and decided together that we would do it this time cavitation peeling. Maybe some of you have never done this surgery before, I must admit that I was there for the first time, so I would like to share with you my opinion and experiences connected with it.
It is true that I was afraid that the procedure would hurt, but I was pleasantly surprised - it did not hurt at all, and the effect I obtained was worth the light stress. At the beginning, however, I will briefly outline to you what the procedure is all about. This treatment is based on the use of ultrasound methods. Cavitation peeling removes excess sebum from the skin layer, which ordinary peeling in the world will simply not reach. Cavitation peeling perfectly cleanses the skin and reduces minor discolorations.
I was very afraid that the cavitation peeling would worsen my skin when it comes to broken capillaries. However, this did not happen, because it is recommended for vascular and sensitive skin.


- discoloration
- wrinkles
- gray skin tone (nicotine poisoned skin)
- poor nutrition and regeneration of the skin


- cancers and conditions after surgical removal
- pregnant
- circulatory failure
- feverish conditions
- severe general condition
- presence of metallic foreign bodies in the tissues (pacemaker, braces)
- severe vegetative neurosis
- osteoporosis

And now about the procedure itself, or how it looked on my part

At the beginning I lay down on a very comfortable cosmetic chair, the beautician put on a shower cap to protect my hair. Next washed off makeup and moistened her face slightly. On the cosmetic side it looks like this: The ultrasound wave in the presence of fluid forms bubbles filled with diluted gas that expand and burst abruptly. Under the influence of heat and increased pressure, the skin is thoroughly and painlessly cleansed of the residual layer of calloused epidermis, toxins and sebaceous gland secretions.
At this stage I only remember a nice tingling sensation and sometimes (with larger pimples, especially subcutaneous) a slight pain, but not as large as with waxing;) Then there was a soothing mask (it seems that they were algae) and cream at the end of the procedure .

After treatment

For about 3 days my skin didn't look like I had imagined - it wasn't smooth like a baby's bottom. However, I read that the cavitation peeling at the beginning "crashes" all the pimples out. And so it was. However, after these, really believe, small pimples have healed, no large and terrible pimples appear to this day. The skin is significantly cleansed, bright, and also looks healthy.
I will definitely be tempted once again by cavitation peeling. It is definitely worth spending some time for such effects. And the treatment does not cost so much. Prices range around 60-100 PLN. It is worth to treat yourself to this procedure. I am very pleased.